littleBits STEAM Student Set

Launch change-minded inventions and hacks with guided challenges that embrace creative design, problem solving and simplicity.


  • -Ignite beautifully balanced PBL with genuine real-life implications 
  • -Bolster tech literacy with real-world engineering and curricular connections 
  • -Mold maker mindsets and build self-direction with all-in-one instruction 
  • -Inspire inclusion and engage sleeping brains with DIY circuitry challenges 
  • -Stabilize standards-aligned STEAM with powerful play in the classroom

The brand new littleBits STEAM Student Set maximizes classroom or makerspace instruction through collaborative inclusion of up to four students at a time! Getting started is super easy - even if you’ve never used littleBits before - with the included Student Invention Guide and Teacher’s Guide, which feature a host of pre-designed projects and challenges that spark genuine fun through hands-on achievement. The STEAM Set’s invention-based learning model brilliantly engages students in real-life problem-solving challenges, triggers creative thinking and activates collaborative enjoyment with over 60 fun-ready pieces!

MNF# 680-0008
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Manufacturer littleBits
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Each bit in the STEAM Student Set is designed to be compatible with all others and facilitate the discovery of creative combinations. The modules’ magnetic technology allow for the creation of snap-and-go connections, eliminating the need for any soldering, wiring or programming! The set features a power module and battery for giving life to your bits - you’ll need one of these in every circuit. The input bits accept input from you and the environment and send signals to the modules that follow while the output modules actually DO stuff, like light up, buzz or move. The magnetic magic between modules ensures that they're always connected the proper way, allowing learning with littleBits to truly electrify the classroom!


Each module is something unique, new and special - here are some examples! The light sensor is activated and responds when placed in either light or darkness. The brighter the trigger, the more forceful of a signal it sends out. The Bargraph Bit contains five different LEDs that light up in different colors to show the strength of the signal the module is receiving. The dimmer module lets you control creations with a simple knob just as you would adjust the volume and turning it clockwise sends a greater signal to your littleBits modules.


Kit Components


  • -72-page Instruction Guide 
  • -Fan Module 
  • -Slide Dimmer Module 
  • -Buzzer Module 
  • -USB Power Module 
  • -Long LED Module 
  • -Light Sensor Module 
  • -Button Module 
  • -Power Module 
  • -Pulse Module 
  • -RGB LED Module 
  • -Servo Module 
  • -Fork Module 
  • -Inverter Module 
  • -Temperature Sensor Module 
  • -Number Module 
  • -2 Wire Modules 
  • -2 Tethered DC Motor Modules 
  • -2 Screwdrivers 
  • -24 Shoes 
  • -4 motorMates 
  • -2 Mounting Boards
  • -Battery and Cable 
  • -USB Power Adapter and Cable 
  • -2 Wheels -Servo Mount 
  • -3 Mechanical Arms 
  • -4 Screws 
  • -Servo Hub

Recommended for 1-3 students