littleBits Workshop Set

Unleash colossal classroom creativity and enable giant-sized group inventions with infinite bunches of bits.


  • -Incorporate unparalleled, class-wide, STEAM-minded learning quests 
  • -Employ imaginative education with rewarding, collaborative creation 
  • -Explore passion-driven problem solving based on creative tinkering 
  • -Enable an improved invention dimension to project-based learning 
  • -Spark future-minded inventors primed to embrace problem solvin

The Workshop Set features enough littleBits to keep the entire class engaged, entertained and active with eight sets of 20 bits that support up to 32 inventors at a time! The gigantic set not only encourages creative invention among maker-minded students, it fosters a sense of collaboration and group unity in formal or informal STEAM-focused learning. Based on extensive feedback from educators, the Workshop Set features increased Bit diversity, enabling each individual student to learn and create like never before. Best of all, the kit’s 160 modules enable and enliven informal learning, providing a future-facing approach to building key STEM skills in a purely student-driven environment!

MNF# 670-0013
EAN 0 810876 020435
Manufacturer littleBits
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Each bit in the Workshop Set is designed to be compatible with all others to facilitate the discovery of creative combinations. The modules’ magnetic technology allow for the creation of snap-and-go connections, eliminating the need for any soldering, wiring or programming! Most importantly, the kit features a power module and battery to give life to your bits - you’ll need one of these in every circuit. The input bits accept input from you as well as the environment and send signals to the modules that follow, while the output modules actually DO stuff, like light up, buzz or move. The magnetic magic between modules ensures that they’re always connected the proper way, allowing learning with littleBits to truly electrify the classroom! Each module is something unique, new and special - skyrocketing creative potential in the STEM classroom!


Kit Components


  • -8 Fan Modules 
  • -8 Slide Dimmer Modules 
  • -8 DC Motor Modules 
  • -8 Buzzer Modules 
  • -8 Long LED Modules 
  • -8 Light Sensor Modules 
  • -8 Button Modules 
  • -8 Power Modules 
  • -8 Pulse Modules 
  • -8 RGB LED Modules 
  • -8 Pressure Sensor Modules 
  • -8 Servo Modules 
  • -8 Fork Modules 
  • -8 Inverter Modules 
  • -8 Latch Modules 
  • -8 Temperature Sensor Modules 
  • -8 Threshold Modules 
  • -8 Number Modules 
  • -16 Screwdrivers 
  • -120 Shoes 
  • -16 motorMates 
  • -8 Mounting Boards 
  • -Getting Started Manual 
  • -8 Batteries + Cables 
  • -Tackle Box 
  • -8 Brick Adapters