meeperBOT 2.0

Launch hard-hitting, handheld control with a fabulously fast and fearlessly flashy mobile robot.


  • -Bring LEGO to life with open-ended empowerment and constant control 
  • -Master modular making methods and shape an early physics foundation 
  • -Transcend typical robotics projects with customizable courses and carrying 
  • -Squash tech fears forever with the ultimate package of robotic simplicity 
  • -Burst into full-fledged STEAM stardom by tackling real-world engineering

The meeperBOT is a LEGO-compatible, app-controlled tiny little robot that surprisingly packs a pretty potent punch! Though it comes pre-assembled, the building is not done. Using the LEGO surface on the top of the meeperBOT, children can creatively combine robotics and design thinking to build up their bot while truly being compelled to think about the physics of it and considering if their structure might be too heavy, tall or wide. Kids as young as five can learn and play by controlling their meeperBOT with the meeperBOTS app and lay the groundwork for shaping design thinking and promoting creativity in all STEM subjects!


EAN 0 865069 000213
Manufacturer Meeper Technology
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The meeperBOT’s fully removable chassis is brick-block compatible and houses its internal components. Controlled with Bluetooth technology, meeperBOT is BLE sensor-driven and the meeperBOTS app provides a concise platform for engaging in robotics-based play. It instantly scans the environment and detects meeperBOTS in the area, allowing for one device to control multiple bots or for kids to switch back and fourth among their robot army! The meeperBot’s rear wheels are powered by twin 300 RPM motors and the app provides an array of options for directional control, including forward, backward, right, left, hard left, hard right, mirror and follow as it glides swiftly through your halls or classroom! Just add a 9-Volt battery and you’re primed to support STEM learning with the durable and interactive meeperBot.