Thames & Kosmos Kids First Intro to Engineering

Grasp future-facing engineering basics with hands-on experiments sure to excite and engage.


  • -Conquer the engineering world and surge from beginner to pro in no time 
  • -Discover the science-backed, real-world applications of engineering skills 
  • -Supercharge experiential learning with air, ground and water engineering 
  • -Apply technical smarts to design dazzling machines and viable devices 
  • -Sprout entry-level engineers with boldly beneficial, play-based experience

Thames & Kosmos’ Intro to Engineering Kit is the perfect way to introduce kids 5 and older to the practical, magical and powerful world of engineering. By mirroring real-world engineering skills in fun, simple and engaging projects, this intuitive kit guides kids in their journey towards becoming STEAM-savvy students! The Intro to Engineering kit comes complete with over 70 pieces and 25 experiments for engineering enthusiasts to try, rework and master as they apply their project-based findings and technical knowledge to design dynamite devices and build scientific supremacy!

MNF# 567002
EAN 0 814743 011342
Manufacturer Thames & Kosmos
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No need for batteries - kids just need some imagination and a little bit of love for making fabulously functional projects that float, fly or drive! With more than 70 pieces in the Engineering Kit, kids will interactively learn about engineering concepts by creatively constructing experiments that incorporate levers, forces, pulleys and tons of other cool scientific concepts. By finagling the pieces properly and following the in-depth instruction guides, kids can craft vehicles, helicopters, parachutes, balloon rockets and more - becoming master engineers in no time at all. All of the pieces are intuitive and work together beautifully to encourage creative trial and error and facilitate awesome experiences!


Kit Components


  • -48-page Guidebook 
  • -Parachute Material 
  • -Push Pin 
  • -2 Mounting Stands 
  • -Paddle Wheel 
  • -Axle 
  • -Anchor Pin Lever 
  • -Small Frame 
  • -2 Long Rods 
  • -2 5-hole Rods 
  • -2 3-hole Rods 
  • -2 Medium Gears 
  • -2 Medium Pulleys 
  • -2 Small Pulleys 
  • -2 O-rings for Medium Pulley 
  • -2 Long Axles 
  • -Medium Axle 
  • -Small Axle 
  • -Crane Hook 
  • -String Spool 
  • -Connection Bridge 
  • -14 Anchor Pins 
  • -Shaft Plug 
  • -Joint Pin 
  • -Button Pin 
  • -Axle Lock