Thames & Kosmos Exploration Series: Magnetic Science

Explore the classic scientific subject of magnetism with a new-school, project-packed experiment kit.


  • -Inspire untamed curiosity and scientific discovery with active experimentation
  • -Investigate the properties of magnets and see firsthand what they can attract
  • -Empower customizable, hands-on learning with versatile magnetic components
  • -Supercharge STEM subjects by building electromagnets and magnet-based tools
  • -Catalyze magnetism knowledge and deepen understanding of everyday objects
Featuring a myriad of magnets, the Magnetic Science Kit introduces many of the ideas and topics behind how magnetism works to inquiring young minds. With a booklet full of magnet-based experiments, activities, and games, this kit is ready to teach kids anything they could want to know about the properties and capabilities of magnets. Ranging from fishing for plastic chips to the magnetism of planet Earth and how they can use magnets in the real world, the guided projects in this kit cover all the key concepts of magnetism in a way that’s exciting for children. They’ll fly through the 33 included, fully-illustrated projects, picking up new skills with every one they complete as the many different magnet shapes and sizes provide for a wide variety of experiments and countless entertaining educational experiences!

MNF# 665050
EAN 0 814743 010406
Manufacturer Thames & Kosmos
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With no need for batteries, the Magnetic Science Kit will get kids experimenting with everything from compasses to magnetic poles. Designed for kids aged 8 and up, this tech toolbox features tons of intricate, but easy-to-use components that will illuminate the key similarities and differences of electricity in a way kids can see and understand! Almost instantly, the magnetic properties of the kit’s components will demonstrate to students how magnets work, revealing secrets that will break magnetism down into a simple science! With a little wire, kids can instantly create an electromagnet and learn the important similarities and differences between these and permanent magnets. The games included in the manual bring all the learning back to the fascinating, entertaining properties of magnets right in the classroom!


Kit Components


  • -4 Ring Magnets
  • -Ring Magnet Stand
  • -Block Magnet
  • -3 Ball Magnets
  • -Approximately 25 Plastic Chips
  • -Horseshoe Magnet
  • -Bar Magnet
  • -Compass
  • -Box of Iron Powder
  • -Iron Rod
  • -Wire
  • -Polystyrene Disk
  • -Cardboard Strip