Thames & Kosmos Exploration Series: Solar Mechanics

Solidify solar energy knowledge with hands-on making and state-of-the-art, DIY, light-powered models.


  • -Unlock an immediate understanding of solar-based innovation and conservation
  • -Employ an all-in-one experience that realistically illustrates the solar energy process
  • -Excite kids with ample opportunities for tangible applications of reusable solar power
  • -Revitalize hands-on science and beef up building-based knowledge of electric devices
  • -Boost STEM brilliance with invaluable opportunities to explore solar energy’s potential
Explore solar energy and conquer the energy crisis then showcase the science with tangible, usable projects! The Thames and Kosmos Solar Mechanics Kit contains everything kids need to build 20 engagement-soaked, solar-powered machines and learn all about how and why they move like they do. The 60-page, full-color project manual guides junior innovators on a step-by-step quest to eliminate waste and maximize environmental efficiency. Children can experiment with gear ratios, solar panels, different amounts of light, and more using the clearly laid out instructions in the Solar Mechanics manual. Using scaled down versions of real-life tools, like gears and motors, kids as young as 8 years old can magnify hands-on learning as they explore the key STEM topic of solar energy! Fun and imaginative, this kit offers inspiration to aspiring engineers, physicists, and makers, highlighting valuable skills in the process!

MNF# 665068
EAN 0 814743 010413
Manufacturer Thames & Kosmos
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Powered by authentic solar energy, the models kids can make are fun, easy to build, and fuel-efficient. With components capable of converting sunlight into mechanical energy, kids can construct tools to power electric devices and vehicles, including cars, trucks, planes, windmills, and robots. The pieces are both sturdy and durable and connect to each other easily, enabling them to be used again and again in all kinds of experiments. At the heart of the kit is the single-piece solar motor, which powers student inventions with the help of sunlight. The solar panel simply supplies the electricity and kids are able to construct conservation-friendly cars in no time! Transforming complicated science into simple illustrations, the Solar Mechanics Kit makes advanced ideas accessible to young learners eager to dive into the world of alternative energy.


Kit Components


  • -Large Frame
  • -Square Frame
  • -2 Long Rods
  • -2 5-Hole Rods
  • -4 3-Hole Dual Rods
  • -2 11-Hole Flat Rods
  • -3-Hole Rod
  • -2 90 Degree Converters L
  • -2 90 Degree Converters R
  • -2 Shaft Pins
  • -2 Joint Pins
  • -14 Anchor Pins
  • -2 Axle Locks
  • -2 7-Hole Flat Rods
  • -4 Curved Elbow Rods
  • -Part Separator Tool
  • -3 Small Gear Wheels
  • -2 Medium Gear Wheels
  • -Large Gear Wheel
  • -2 Long Axles
  • -Medium Axle
  • -2 Short Axles
  • -Motor Axle
  • -4 Wheels
  • -1.0 Volt Solar Motor Unit