Thames & Kosmos Signature Series: Fuel Cell 10

Enrich an end-to-end understanding of eco-friendly actions and use technology to turn sunlight into electricity.


  • -Streamline science classes with state-of-the-art, enlightening experiments
  • -Engage kids with immediate and practical applications for spicing up STEM
  • -Sever the slow-paced science classroom with authentic fuel cell exploration
  • -Catalyze a true understanding of the various uses of modern energy sources
  • -Inspire a desire to innovate and evoke inventiveness with simple solar energy
A Parent’s Choice Gold Award Winner, Thames and Kosmos’ Fuel Cell 10 Kit is a recently-updated, freshly-designed complete package for teaching the ins and outs of fuel cell functions. It has everything kids need to build and operate a car using an amazingly innovative form of fuel – that’s right, just add water! Not only will kids gain hands-on building and tinkering skills thanks to the practical nature of building the fuel cell car, they’re sure to master the importance of alternative fuels as we look to extend the life of our environment. The kit’s instruction manual comes stuffed with 10 complete experiments that can be done at home, in a classroom setting, or just about anywhere, making the Fuel Cell an extremely informative kit for STEM students as young as 10 years old. With thorough information on and instructions for all the included experiments, this kit is a conservation catalyst and MVP-caliber toolbox for sparking creative solutions to save the environment through active simulations!

MNF# 620318
EAN 0 857853 001872
Manufacturer Thames & Kosmos
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The Fuel Cell 10 Kit includes all the parts STEM students need to get colossally creative and build a miniature car that runs purely on water! After building the car and its fuel cell, it’s immediately ready to drive. By filling its tank with water and letting the sun separate it into hydrogen and oxygen, kids can enlist the help of one of the most prolific forms of alternative energy – the Sun – to power and drive their car. When they rearrange the wires, the car will take off, using the power stored in the separated gasses as its student-made source of fuel! Plus, when it’s done, there will be only one byproduct – water – and that’s not harmful to the environment at all! With the Fuel Cell 10 Kit, kits become the master engineers while learning how to power the car through various approaches and making it a green, clean, and efficient machine. Whether it’s at home, in school, or innovating in a makerspace, the Fuel Cell 10 Kit is an excellent addition to hands-on STEM learning.


Kit Components


  • -Display Stand
  • -Fuel Cell
  • -Rubber Belt
  • -Display Stand Feet
  • -Pulley Wheels
  • -Front Axle
  • -Chassis
  • -Screw with Washer
  • -Screws
  • -Motor, Transmission, and Wheel
  • -Digital Multimeter
  • -Wheels
  • -Water Tank
  • -Gas Tank
  • -160cm Wires
  • -30cm Wires
  • -Syringe
  • -Syringe Tip
  • -Hose
  • -Hose Plugs
  • -Solar Panel
  • -Support
  • -Roller Caps
  • -Axles
  • -Battery Holder
  • -Instruction Manual