Thames & Kosmos Signature Series: Fuel Cell X7

Ignite a passion for renewable energy and spark an aptitude for solving real-world STEAM challenges.


  • -Redefine science class with eye-opening experiments in alternative and solar energy
  • -Electrify excitement with intriguing, practical applications of key scientific principles
  • -Discover how hydrogen-based fuel cells work during dynamic, child-friendly projects
  • -Trigger an in-depth understanding of clean, renewable energy ideas at an early age
  • -Inspire a desire to repurpose, reinvent, and re-energize STEAM-focused experiments
Thames and Kosmos’ Fuel Cell X7 is a complete, introductory-level fuel cell package, designed to help kids decipher the design of the fuel cell in a much simpler way. It has everything STEAM students need to build and operate the car once they add an innovative and eco-friendly fuel source – water! Its full-color, in-depth instruction manual comes filled with 10 comprehensive, science-packed experiments that can be done at home, in a classroom, or just about anywhere, making the Fuel Cell Kit extremely versatile and accessible for all different types of learning. With thorough information and fool-proof instructions, this top-notch kit offers up custom learning experiences to kids as young as 10 years old, motivating them to solve environmental issues while engaging them in inventive experimentation!

MNF# 628777
EAN 0 857853 001520
Manufacturer Thames & Kosmos
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Like all fuel cells, the one in the X7 Kit produces electricity from a chemical reaction. In this case, the reaction is simple as the X7’s fuel cell converts hydrogen and oxygen directly into electricity and water, resulting in eco-friendly motion kids can see! Since the only byproduct of this reaction is water, the Fuel Cell X7 is extremely green, allowing students to conduct experiments again and again without any new waste or inefficiencies! This cell can also serve as an electrolysis device, meaning it’s able to split water into hydrogen or oxygen, adding another exciting element to the exploration of alternative fuels! Making use of anode and cathode reactions to trigger results, the Fuel Cell X7 Kit is ideal for introducing entry-level entrepreneurs to a replicable model of alternative energy. Its hand-built components and simplistic design make it easy to use at home, in the classroom, or in an afterschool makerspace!


Kit Components


  • -Fuel Cell
  • -Geared Motor
  • -Car Chassis
  • -Gas Collector Tanks
  • -Axle
  • -4 Wheels with Tires
  • -Syringe
  • -Hose
  • -Safety Goggles
  • -Stick-on Label
  • -2 Hose Connectors
  • -2 Hose Plugs
  • -Syringe Tip
  • -Screw
  • -Bushing
  • -Battery Holder
  • -Instruction Manual