Thames & Kosmos Signature Series: Electricity Master Lab

Spark an unmatched excitement for circuitry and encourage in-depth exploration of electrical engineering.


  • -Combine hands-on play, cultivate curiosity, and leverage learning through investigation
  • -Explore endless innovation avenues with cool and compact, science-backed components
  • -Construct colossally impactful projects that capture core concepts with practical STEM
  • -Analyze electrical activity with series of circuits customized to display all kinds of effects
  • -Connect physical science and immediate applications to build prolific problem solvers
Create an in-depth, safe, and interactive science class with the Electricity Master Lab Kit – the first experiment-based experience that enables students to explore all aspects of electricity! You know those theories commonly discussed in the classroom? Well, using real-world components, kids can craft dynamic devices that bring them to life without any hazards or steep learning curve. Through hands-on, fully guided electricity projects, students as young as 10 years old are guaranteed to beef up their science skills through physical activities, which include electricity applications, current exploration, and constructing simple circuits. With 119 experiments to choose from, the Electricity Master Lab Kit will make experts out of amateurs and introduce kids to brand new, innovative ways of problem solving!

MNF# 620813
EAN 0 814743 010987
Manufacturer Thames & Kosmos
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Utilizing simple, interlocking pieces, this kit provides a wide variety of circuitry components for students to explore. With no soldering, welding, or twisting together of wires required, building a circuit is a breeze even for young, inexperienced children. Enabling innovative construction with snap-together pieces, the wide variety of bits in the kit are all kids need to complete 119 experiments with room to spice them up with a few common household items. By building simple circuits out of batteries, switches, and lights, kids can learn the skills needed to progress on to more complex circuits, like parallel circuits, including traffic signals and alarm signals. The kit’s special AC generator even creates an AC current with a variable frequency from a few hertz to about 10 kilohertz, allowing kids to explore resonance and frequency behaviors. With magnets and electromagnets, students are primed to learn about the applications of magnetism and electrochemistry in a fun and unique way. Simple but effective, the Electricity Master Lab Kit is engaging and educational for furthering STEM excellence in science classrooms at all different grade levels!


Kit Components


  • -Battery Compartment
  • -2 Selector Switches
  • -Push Button
  • -25 Connectors with 4 Terminals (X-Shaped)
  • -8 Straight Connectors with 2 Prongs (I-Shaped)
  • -4 Angled Connectors with 2 Prongs (L-Shaped)
  • -Connector with 3 Prongs (T-Shaped)
  • -Red Bulb
  • -Green Bulb
  • -Yellow Bulb
  • -4 Silicon Diodes
  • -Speaker
  • -56Ω Resistor
  • -2 120Ω Resistors
  • -3.3kΩ Resistor
  • -15kΩ Resistor
  • -100KΩ Potentiometer
  • -47µF Capacitor
  • -1µF Capacitor
  • -2 10µF Capacitors
  • -470µF Electrolytic Capacitor
  • -2 Connecting Wires with Plugs
  • -2 Connecting Wires with Plug and Alligator Clips
  • -Electrode Set -Meter
  • -Alternating Current Generator
  • -Transformer
  • -Relay
  • -Electric Motor
  • -Neodymium Magnet
  • -2 Blue-Red Bar Magnets
  • -Box of Iron Powder
  • -Compass
  • -Aluminum Tube
  • -Elastic Iron Strip
  • -2 Coils
  • -Iron Core for Coils
  • -2 Iron Rods
  • -Plastic Tube
  • -pH Paper
  • -Cup
  • -Divider Tool
  • -Instruction Manual