Thames & Kosmos Signature Series: Robotics Smart Machines

Discharge a dynamic, relevant, and STEM-centered learning experience while exploring engineering and programming.


  • -Drive curiosity and creativity through robotic building and programming
  • -Explore a customizable robotics introduction with extensive STEM benefits
  • -Redefine robotics as a personal, hands-on, future-readying learning quest
  • -Ripen engineering skills and end intimidation through playful trial and error
  • -Expose powerful connections and links between smart machines and devices
Using the familiar idea of building a toy and adding modern relevance with app-controlled robots, the Robotics Smart Machines Kit guides kids as they enter the exciting field of robotics by affording them complete control and empowering them build their own robots. With this innovative kit and its 230 building pieces, kids can craft all sorts of inventive projects, including a humanoid bipedal droid, a robo-dinosaur, a motion-sensing catapult, and more! Once they’ve built all the robots in the manual and mastered all the skills along the way, there’s plenty more room for creativity and imagination as the wide variety of available pieces allows kids to tinker, customize, and make nearly anything they can dream up! The Robotics Smart Machines Kit is excellently effective at eliminating apprehensions about robotics, presenting it as a thrilling new scientific field, and ensuring kids can reinvent learning with intriguing and entertaining challenges all in one! Encompassing physics, engineering, and computer science – the key areas of modern robotics – the Smart Machines Kit proves its promise of preparing kids for programming in an excessively awesome way!

MNF# 620375
EAN 0 814743 011489
Manufacturer Thames & Kosmos
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The Robotics Smart Machines Kit enables kids as young as 8 to build and operate eight exciting robots plus any more they can imagine! The eight motorized machines are controlled by student-run programs and an ultrasonic sensor, which executes the visual programming cues designed by kids on their smart device, enabled by a wireless Bluetooth connection. The robots are capable of executing various actions based on distances the ultrasonic sensor detects or kids can use the remote-control to compel the robots to do exactly what they want. Working on the same principle as sonar, the ultrasonic sensor sends out sound waves, which bounce off objects and allow the robots kids construct to detect obstacles in their path. The pieces are durable and reusable, allowing engineering-minded kids to re-build robots repeatedly and the app engages students by teaching them how to get their robots to behave based on the cues they supply!


Kit Components


  • -18 Joint Plugs
  • -8 Shaft Plugs
  • -9 Shaft Pins
  • -3-Hole Rod
  • -5 3-Hole Cross Rods
  • -2 3-Hole Dual Rods
  • -4 3-Hole Wide Round Rods
  • -5 5-Hole Rods
  • -4 5-Hole Cross Rods
  • -6 5-Hole Dual Rods B
  • -4 5-Hole Dual Rods C
  • -8 7-Hole Wide Rounded Rods
  • -3 7-Hole Flat Rounded Rods
  • -2 11-Hole Rods
  • -2 Square Frames B
  • -Square Frame A
  • -2 Short Frames
  • -2 14-Hole Dual Rods
  • -4 Motor Shafts
  • -3cm Axle
  • -10cm Axle
  • -4 90-degree converters X
  • -10 90-degree converters Y
  • -8 Small Gears
  • -Worm Gear
  • -Crank Bar
  • -2 O-Rings
  • -2 Small Pulleys
  • -3 Body Plates 3
  • -3 Body Plates 4
  • -Left Leg
  • -Right Leg
  • -6 Diagonal Connectors
  • -4 30mm Tubes
  • -20mm Tube
  • -6 Short Anchor Pins
  • -51 Anchor Pins
  • -4 Two-to-One Converters
  • -4 Button Pins
  • -Anchor Pin Lever
  • -Motor Unit 1
  • -10 Medium Gears
  • -Motor Unit 2
  • -3 6.5cm Axles
  • -Upper Jaw
  • -Lower Jaw
  • -Bluetooth Battery Box
  • -Ultrasonic Sensor
  • -2 Flexible Shafts