Thames & Kosmos Signature Series: Wind Power V3

Fly through physics fundamentals and shape eco-friendly innovators poised to protect the planet.


  • -Harness curiosity, inventiveness, and discovery with innovative experiments
  • -Supercharge environmental awareness through real, actionable investigation
  • -Hammer home a healthy understanding of efficient, modern power sources
  • -Convert creative ideas into cutting-edge projects with real-world relevance
  • -Catalyze quick mastery of alternative energy through project-based learning
The Wind Power Kit contains everything from motors to pulleys as it’s packed with promise for priming energy aficionados. With over 100 parts and clearly illustrated project guides, this STEM-fueled toolbox helps inquisitive students satisfy their creative said by exploring wind, turbines, and how each of them work! Able to harvest the power of wind energy right out of thin air, exploration is easy as students as young as 8 years old are afforded the opportunity to observe how the sun makes wind – broken down into an age-appropriate illustration. Filled with exciting projects, the Wind Power Kit helps children investigate hill and tunnel effects, the Beaufort scale, and the physics involved in wind power. Shape STEM superstars with an eye for innovation as they tinker with technology and build brilliant, rechargeable, eco-friendly objects while exploring the upside of wind power!

MNF# 627928
EAN 0 814743 011434
Manufacturer Thames & Kosmos
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Fueled by the wind, this kit’s buildable turbine can power student-assembled projects in a number of clever ways, including a battery charger and electric truck. The newly redesigned turbine arms allow for experimentation with angles and placement, increasing learning potential and accuracy based on real-life, full-sized turbines. Using the kit’s instruction manual, kids can learn about how the sun makes wind, how a turbine picks up that wind, what kinds of places have stronger winds, and how turbines turn wind into electricity while following intensely detailed instructions to craft authentic solutions to environmental issues. While learning how to follow project blueprints, students can see how a turbine’s electric generator and rotor blades function to create an efficient system. They’ll even bring this correlation to life by using authentic wind power to move electric cars and see how wind can legitimately power an entire home!


Kit Components


  • -4 3-Hole Cross Rods
  • -4 3-Hole Dual Rods with Anchor Pins
  • -Hub
  • -2 Base Plates
  • -Sticker
  • -2 Tube Brackets
  • -3 Curved Rods
  • -2 Connection Plates
  • -3 Square Frames
  • -2 Small Pulleys
  • -XL Axle
  • -2 Button Pins
  • -Battery Compartment
  • -14 Blue Anchor Pins
  • -Motor
  • -2 Medium Blue Gear Wheels
  • -8 Red Anchor Pins
  • -Small Red Gear Wheel
  • -Joint Pin
  • -2 Motor Shafts
  • -2 Shaft Pins
  • -2 Two-to-One Connectors
  • -2 LEDs
  • -LED Cover
  • -Plastic Film
  • -Rotor Blade Lock (Nose Cone)
  • -3 Rotor Blades Part 1
  • -3 Rotor Blades Part 2
  • -Tube
  • -Anchor Pin Lever
  • -Pliers