Thames & Kosmos Signature Series: Physics Solar Workshop V2

Fuse cool construction with enamoring experiments to unearth the enormous potential of physics-backed solar energy.


  • -Harness the pure power of solar energy through innovative experimentation
  • -Probe the physics of purposeful machines while constructing replica models
  • -Electrify experiments and spark an in-depth understanding through discovery
  • -Explore advanced STEM concepts broken down into accessible activities for all
  • -Unlock a lifelong love of learning and aptitude for designing real-world solutions
Grades: 3-8  

This new-school kit from Thames & Kosmos illustrates an intriguing aspect of reusable energy in an eye-opening way that’s insanely insightful! Through hands-on and thoroughly guided experiments that students will actually enjoy, the Physics Solar Workshop Kit helps them understand that almost every form of energy originates from the Sun and can be used to power a number of machines that are both simple and complex. Get ready to get inspired and apply innovative approaches to maximizing energy sources with a number of realistic components that help kids as young as 8 years old see how sunlight can power photovoltaic cells and thermal collectors. Using this tech-filled toolbox, science students will strive to explore practical uses of solar energy, observe how fossil fuels can be converted to usable catalysts, and apply innovations in science and solar energy to maximize environmental efficiency!

MNF# 628918
EAN 0 814743 011427
Manufacturer Thames & Kosmos
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The Physics Solar Workshop Kit features a solar panel, motor, and two-to-one converter, which offer kids an extremely educational look into how solar cells transform light into electrical energy. Along with over 130 other constructible components, including rods and hinges, this toolbox immerses kids in an extraordinary endeavor of innovation – one aimed at imparting invaluable STEM knowledge ready to be applied in the real world! The kit’s motors and mechanical parts optimize the work done by this new form of energy while demonstrating the basics of solar technology for kids to see. All of the projects depicted in the 48-page guidebook can be built with the parts in the box and activated by adding the solar panel and placing in sunlight, catalyzing instant operation so long as there’s the presence of this modern fuel source! All you need is a 1.5V AA LRG battery and you’re ready to begin experimenting with impact!


Kit Components


  • -Diagonal Connector 
  • -33 Rods
  • -6 mm Tube
  • -10 Hinges
  • -Middle Part
  • -Connector Square
  • -Triangle
  • -Horn
  • -Two-to-one Converter
  • -StandSupport
  • -Motor
  • -Dual Battery Holder
  • -Solar Panel
  • -X & Y 90-degree Converters
  • -Square Frame
  • -Large Body Plate
  • -Body Plate 3
  • -Body Plate 4
  • -Small Body Plate
  • -Anchor Pin Lever
  • -Axle
  • -Joint Pin
  • -Axle Lock
  • -Motor Shaft
  • -Gears
  • -Anchor Pins
  • -Shaft Pin
  • -Shaft Plug
  • -Illustrated Manual