Thames & Kosmos Signature Series: Power House

Illustrate the increasing importance of environmental awareness through global, tech-focused projects.


  • -Gauge energy efficiency and practicality through hands-on experimentation 
  • -Design excitingly innovative approaches to ensuring environmental efficacy 
  • -Revive a results-oriented approach to real-world resource replenishment 
  • -Flaunt future-ready tech skills and perfectly produce planet-saving projects 
  • -Mesh simple tech with curiously creative design to promote sustainability

 Power House, a former Best Toys for Kids winner, is the ideal kit for actively immersing science students in an in-depth overview of the many forms of alternative energy scientific technology has helped to create. Kids as young as 10 can instantly grasp the extreme importance of energy and conservation made tangible through the collaborative creation of hands-on models and scalable projects! The Power House kit is all about energy-efficient construction and its comprehensive project guide gets kids started with experiments in heating, cooling, conduction, convection, solar energy and more! Designed to breed awareness and extend impact, Power House is the perfect introduction to the crucial importance of maintaining an efficient environment.


MNF# 625825
EAN 0 814743 010277
Manufacturer Thames & Kosmos
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Part of Thames & Kosmos’ Signature Series, the Power House kit features 25 pieces curious kids can use to complete 100 environmental experiments! Using the innovative components found inside the kit, like a thermometer and solar motor, kids will learn the most energy-efficient methods for designing modern structures. Try your solar collector to test passive solar collection methods or employ the photovoltaic solar panel to generate your own energy from sunlight! The mound of invention-enabling tools in the Power House kit even allow for the continued creation of anything as awesome as a wind turbine to something as crucial as a greenhouse.


Kit Components


  • -Base, Roof Sections and Walls
  • -Wall with House Door
  • -Solar Cell and Motor
  • -4 Contact Clips
  • -Thermometer
  • -Black Bottle (Solar Collector)
  • -LED
  • -Solarium Cover
  • -Propeller
  • -Sandpaper
  • -2 Connecting Wires
  • -3 Fastening Clips