Thames & Kosmos Signature Series: Remote-Control Machines DLX

Combine experiential learning, maker magic, and too-cool-for-school tech with hands-on building and endless opportunities for excellence.


  • -Inspire all-out engagement with creativity-packed building and engineering
  • -Explore incredibly efficient touch sensors and activate next-level educating
  • -Display engineering, robotics, and creative genius with all-in-one interaction
  • -Ignite inventive expertise and expand imaginations through hands-on play
  • -Jumpstart explosive engineering through hands-on, step-by-step construction
Using the Remote Control Machines Kit, kids can build and operate their own custom remote-controlled cars and machines! This deluxe-level kit contains parts and instructions that truly empower kids to create transformational learning by constructing 20 different models and engaging in lessons on remote controls, robots, and more. By combining robotics experiments with kids’ creative genius, the Smart Machines Kit will train them with hands-on learning so crafting lifelike cars, beetles, forklifts, and even soccer games becomes second nature! Build real-world, junior robotics engineers and excite kids as young as 8 about the exhilaration of designing and creating their own remote-controlled machines. Inspiring creativity, engineering, and inventiveness, this kit is excellent for STEM classrooms and inventive adolescents!

MNF# 620370
EAN 0 814743 011038
Manufacturer Thames & Kosmos
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Utilizing a simple, 6-button infrared remote control and receiver, the Remote Control Kit enables kids to build models with up to three distinct motors they can control in any way they’d like. Its easily activated touch sensors allow students to develop devices that move forward and backward, creating an unforgettable learning experience! Plus, the three different motors in the kit allow for kids to choose their favorite and still surge forward with exceptional ease. With 151 pieces and 20 models detailed in the full-color manual, there’s unlimited room for exploration and learning. Due to the versatility and durability of the 150-plus pieces, inventive and experienced children can even think up their own machines to build and operate. For budding engineers and STEM-sational students, the only limit to what they can achieve is their imagination!


Kit Components


  • -IR Remote Control
  • -Battery Box with Receiver
  • -Part Separator Tool
  • -3 Motors with Wire
  • -3 3-Hole Rods
  • -6 5-Hole Rods
  • -8 11-Hole Rods
  • -4 3-Hole Dual Rods
  • -6 5-Hole Dual Rods
  • -4 Square Frames
  • -3 Short Frames
  • -3 Long Dual Frames
  • -2 Curved Rods
  • -3 Worm Screws
  • -4 Small Red Gears
  • -2 Medium Blue Gears
  • -2 Large Yellow Gears
  • -Extra-Large Orange Gear
  • -4 Wheels
  • -4 Tires
  • -2 Rod Connectors
  • -4 90 Degree Converters X
  • -2 90 Degree Converters Z
  • -6 Two-to-One Converters
  • -4 Motor Shaft Axles
  • -2 Short Axles (3cm)
  • -3 Medium-Long Axles (7cm)
  • -Extra-Long Axle (15cm)
  • -2 Axle Pins
  • -2 Axle Locks
  • -2 Shaft Pins
  • -28 Red Anchor Pins
  • -2 Hinges
  • -10 Joint Pins
  • -Large Body Plate
  • -2 Small Body Plates
  • -Body Plate 3
  • -Body Plate 4
  • -2 Eyes
  • -2 Horns
  • -8 Short Blue Anchor Pins
  • -String
  • -Small Pulley
  • -Small Rubber O-Ring