mBot V1.1-Blue (2.4G Version)

Enhance age-appropriate immersion and spark infinite possibilities for mastering programming, electronics and robotics.


  • -Invest in future-building, real-world success with all-in-one STEM fluency 
  • -Inspire intellectual problem solvers ready to proactively tackle automation 
  • -Ignite fun-fueled creativity and master concepts with productive play 
  • -Enable interactive experimentation and magnify programming pedigree 
  • -Extend educational fun with LEGO compatibility and Arduino power

The mBot 2.4G was designed specifically for amplifying student engagement and enhancing modern-day STEM education. With painless set-up and a variety of pre-assembled program features, the mBot gets kids programming with hands-on activities right away through dozens of at-home or in-class learning games! It’s designed to introduce programing earlier than ever and illustrate the ease of exerting control over robots and the power of supplying commands to trigger specific functions. Since mBot’s electronic components are based on the Arduino open-source ecosystem, it’s even possible to add additional mechanical parts and any electronic models you need to build, customize and learn with your dream robot!


MNF# 90058
EAN 0 702865 447937
Manufacturer Makeblock
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Students exert complete control, dictating mBot’s every move through a Bluetooth connection or 2.4GHz wireless module. Packed in its diminutive design is seamless compatibility with Scratch 2.0 programming and the mBot’s various configurations ensure the opportunity to experiment with lots of different programming activities! Its on-board mBlock software is even based on Scratch - a graphical programming platform. Using mBot’s software, kids are able to learn programming in an accessible environment without the introduction of any complex components. The mBlock software is compatible with Mac, Windows, iPad mBlockly and the Arduino IDE and mBot’s microcontroller is based on the Arduino Uno! With six unique inputs and five intriguing outputs, mBot will have kids loving STEM, mastering robotics and craving programming in no time!


Kit Components


  • -Chassis 
  • -Battery Holder 
  • -Route Map 
  • -2 6P6C RJ25 Cables 
  • -4 Brass Studs 
  • -2 Motors 
  • -mCore Case 
  • -2 Wheels 
  • -2 Velcros 
  • -USB Cable 
  • -8 M3 Nuts 
  • -mCore 
  • -Me Line Follower 
  • -Li Battery Shell 
  • -Mini Caster Wheel 
  • -Screw Driver 
  • -25 Screws 
  • -Me Ultrasonic Sensor 
  • -2.4G Module