Eduporium Raspberry Pi 3 Kit (Limited Edition)

Burst into the world of DIY computing and create Pi-powered devices with this limited edition kit.


-Spice up the school day with in-depth programming and maker activities 
-Experience purposeful construction and explore the Internet of Things 
-Harness lightning fast speed to power all kinds of crafty inventions 
-Transform hefty projects into state-of-the-art, compact treasures 
-Dive deeper into the world of hands-on coding and computing


This custom kit offers advanced exposure to DIY computing made possible by the innovative power of the brand new Raspberry Pi 3! Designed and personalized by Eduporium to enhance STEAM education, this Raspberry Pi Kit features a brand new Raspberry Pi 3, enabling the design and development of countless variations of DIY and STEAM-centered projects. It also comes with a protective case, HDMI cable, power supply and OS card to help spark your transition to MakerEd superstar! Webpages load much more rapidly and program response has hastened, making the Raspberry Pi 3 experience feel much more like a modern machine than a single board computer. The future-ready board features 40 GPIOs, four USB ports, 1GB of RAM, a camera port, and a display port, giving STEAM students more power and efficiency than ever!

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The Pi 3 is the first in the series of Raspberry Pi products that ships with a 64-bit processor and the first to come equipped with on-board Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, allowing for immediate connectivity. It features the same Raspbian code base running on all previously existing Raspberry Pi platforms. Other upgrades include improved power management, a manual slide-in, slide-out microSD card port and the addition of a Wi-Fi/BLE antenna. The RAM stays the same as the “2” at 1GB, Ethernet is still 10/100 and the GPU is the same tried-and-true VideoCore IV.


Kit Components


  • -Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
  • -Protective Case
  • -HDMI Cable
  • -Power supply
  • -16GB OS micro SD card