Squishy Circuits Deluxe Kit

Grasp the basics of electrical circuits in fun, hands-on and creative ways with captivating, conductive play dough.


  • -Catalyze creativity with a sensationally simple intro to electronics 
  • -Supercharge an initial understanding of circuitry with DIY creations 
  • -Craft and customize functional circuits and explore imaginative design 
  • -Access the DIY curiosity cramped in young brains and let it flow freely 
  • -Ensure an exploration-based drive in molding mini problem solvers

The Deluxe Kit is Squishy Circuits’ crowning achievement, coming jam packed with tools and trinkets that let kids get started with building circuits right away! New additions to the Deluxe Kit include a revamped battery holder and different capabilities for your circuits, including blinking and buzzing at varying speeds. Ideal for classrooms or maker camps, Squishy Circuits are the easiest way to get kids exploring the fundamental principles, properties and possibilities of basic circuitry as early as 8 years old! While making and molding with conductive, insulating play dough they’ve fashioned themselves, kids are exposed to all the basics of electrical circuits in a fun and hands-on way. Just add batteries to Squishy Circuits’ pre-made dough to display interactive LED light-ups or make your own dough with step-by-step recipes!


MNF# 1644
EAN 0 655257 983547
Manufacturer Squishy Circuits
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Using homemade play dough combined with the kit’s components, tinkerers of all ages can easily and interactively create their own electrical circuits. There’s no need for wires, breadboards, soldering or any other intimidating tech as Squishy Circuits makes use of conductivity (thanks to large amounts of salt in its composition) and simple tools like LEDs to illustrate the concepts of circuitry! Not only does the Squishy Circuits dough enable light-up learning, the kit’s motors encourage kids to get creative and craft inventions that can move! Just add batteries and electricity will flow from the battery pack through the conductive dough and into your LED - giving life to a creatively inspired circuit in one of the most innovative ways of all-time!


Kit Components


  • -Deluxe Battery Holder 
  • -3 lbs. of Conductive Dough 
  • -0.9 lbs. of Insulating Dough 
  • -5 Red LEDs 
  • -5 Green LEDs 
  • -5 Blue LEDs 
  • -5 White LEDs 
  • -5 Yellow LEDs 
  • -5 Orange LEDs 
  • -5 Purple LEDs 
  • -5 Color-changing LEDs 
  • -Dough Sculpting Tools 
  • -Rolling Pin 
  • -Carrying Pouch 
  • -Piezoelectric Buzzer 
  • -Motor with Fan Blade 
  • -Mechanical Buzzer 
  • -Switch 


*Not Included: AA Batteries and Kitchen Supplies