Roominate rPower Hub

Roominate empowers girls through hands-on, open-ended play as they stretch their STEAM wings.


  • -Develop design prowess that enriches all creativity-based subjects 
  • -Play your way to fine-tuning spatial, motor and problem-solving skills 
  • -Clarify circuitry and motion concepts with modular play-based learning 
  • -Mix advanced knowledge with a fun-focused, building-block approach 
  • -Spark an explorative desire to innovate in project-based STEAM education

What's the best thing about real engineering construction?

Seeing it all come to life!

Using this high-tech module, the included wires, a smartphone or tablet device, and any of the many Roominate play sets, kids get to turn all of their creations into truly mechanized machines that actually light up and move.

How does it all work?

First you'll want to go to the app store and install the FREE Roominate app. Then - Start building!

Connect the pink rPower adapters to the lights and motors of your play set. Plug each adapter into its appropriate slot - motors with the motor slots and lights with the light slots - and then connect the motors and lights to your creation any which way you want.

Your smartphone becomes the controller!

Tap to switch on up to four lights at once and adjust the rate at which they blink. Slide to make the two motors spin faster or slower and then tap to switch their directions.

There's also a buzzer you can make louder or softer and even a sensor with an adjustable sensitivity.

You'll be amazed how much you can do with this device!

Drive an RV forward and backward. Spin a merry-go-round around and around faster and faster. Fill a clubhouse with all kinds of flashing lights.

With the rPower, all of your Roominate builds launch into endless, action-packed possibilities!

Roominate rPower

  • Device for adding controllable electric power to your Roominate creations
  • Encourages visual-spatial skills, cause-and-effect learning, creativity, logic
  • Launch any of your Roominate builds into endless action-packed possibilities!
  • Control lights - Tap to turn on/off, adjust blinking rate
  • Control motors - Slide to adjust spinning speed, tap to switch directions
  • Control a buzzer - Slide to adjust volume
  • Control a sensor - Tap to turn on/off, slide to adjust sensitivity
  • Includes rPower module, 2 adapter wire sets
  • Requires 2 AAA batteries - Not included
  • Free App available for download for Apple and Android devices
  • App is highly intuitive, easy for beginner builders to understand and control
  • High quality design and construction for exceptional engineering experience

MNF# RM1001-BT
EAN 8 57637 00420 4
Manufacturer Play Monster
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