ZEISS VR One Plus Virtual Reality Smartphone Headset

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ZEISS VR ONE Plus Virtual Reality Headset 

What is the VR ONE Plus?
The VR ONE Plus is a premium smartphone-based virtual reality headset. It works with smartphones (iPhone® and Android™) with display sizes from 4.7 to 5.5 inches.

Who is this made for?
Everyone who owns a smartphone and wants to see 360° photos, watch 360° videos and use VR apps and games.

What sets it apart from other mobile VR headsets?
ZEISS has been a leading optics specialist for more than 170 years, primarily known for its camera lenses, binoculars and microscopes. So the centerpiece of the VR ONE Plus are its high-quality best-in-class precision lenses. They provide a large 100° field of view with a clear and sharp picture for best viewing experience. At the same time the lenses enable great ease of use: manual adjustments for eye distance and focus are not needed, i.e. wearers of glasses don’t have to take them off and can directly use the VR headset.

What are the headset’s other features?
The smart product design of the VR ONE Plus ensures that the headset not only does look great but is also very comfortable to wear – even over a longer period of time. The head strap is easily adjustable to different head sizes. And there’s enough ventilation to avoid steamy lenses.

How does it work?
Open the smartphone tray by pulling out the closing mechanism. Next, place your smartphone (VR app started) in it as centrally as possible, and straight up in the universal tray. The V-shaped notch will be your guide for horizontal alignment. Gently press your smartphone downwards before

Where do I get apps?
Thousands of apps (video, photo, gaming etc.) are available in the Apple® App Store® and Google Play™ Store. Recommendations for the first steps can be found on a flyer inside the VR ONE Plus box.

What is in the box?
The box includes the VR ONE Plus headset, a removable head strap, the universal smartphone tray supporting Smartphones 4.7 to 5.5", and a quick guide.

MNF# 2125-968
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Specification of Zeiss VR One Plus
Innovative optics and precision eyeglass lenses from ZEISS ensure the ultimate immersive visual experience. The specific optical features are
• users don't need to make any mechanical adjustments of the lens position. A large so called eye-box was designed to cover most of the people eye distances. Also even when the headset is not perfectly centered in the face, the user still has a clear image across the entire visible area.
• Eyeglass wearers can wear their eyeglasses under the ZEISS VR ONE Plus.
• The high picture quality is constant all over the visible area. You clearly can read text all over the visible area

Field of view
Field of view of approx. 100°

Supported wide range of interpupillary distance (IPD)
53 ~ 77 mm

Smartphones supported

Smartphones with a display sizes between 4.7 and 5.5 inches.

Transparent front shield
Enables the use of smartphone cameras for augmented reality apps.

Eyeglasses can be worn under the VR ONE Plus.

Openings in the universal smartphone tray guarantees access to the smartphone's audio and charging ports. Of course standard Bluetooth headsets can be connected too.

Universal Smartphone tray
An universal tray holds smartphones with display sizes from 4.7 to 5.5-inch.

The foam is detachable and can be replaced after soiling.

Head strap
The head strap and the over-the-head strap is detachable and can be put on when needed.

Air vents ensure problem-free ventilation and prevent the headset from fogging up.

Tracking sensors
Internal tracking through smartphone sensors

3D support
Stereo format for pictures and videos in 3D

There is the Google Cardboard SDK (https://developers.google.com/cardboard/) available for software developers to easy VR app programming. For technical questions, please contact the Google team

Kit Components/ Product Includes

  • -Zeiss VR One Headset
  • -Universal Tray
  • -Head Strap and Over-the-head Strap
  • -AR Cube
  • -User Manual and Safety Information