ZEISS VR One Plus Virtual Reality Smartphone Headset

Transcend awe-inspiring virtual learning with in-depth exploration that’s virtually limitless.

  • Redefine VR exploration and immersive education with on-the-go ease
  • Combine virtual and augmented reality to enrich authentic education
  • Kickstart creativity with inspiring activities that fuse technology and fun
  • Transform those lackluster lectures into vividly lifelike hands-on lessons
  • Reimagine your learning revolution and get students future ready fast

Grades: 3-6


With VR One, curious kids can create an incredibly vivid window into the world of virtual reality. This portable VR headset allows students to take futuristic fun on the road by empowering virtual gameplay, projecting immersive 3D videos, and creating augmented experiences wherever they want! Simply slip a compatibly sized smartphone into VR One’s custom-made tray, insert the tray into the headset, and observe in astonishment as real-world concepts are brought to life in an amazingly intricate display inside the viewer. Thanks to its specialty-designed ͞eye-box,͟ no complicated adjustments are necessary, and kids can even wear the headset over their glasses. With VR One, teachers can bring unmatched virtual reality into their classrooms at a price that’s unbelievably affordable, providing students with the kind of experiential education they need to excel!   

MNF# 2125-968
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The VR One negates the need for complex and difficult-to-use VR technology by putting the power in the palm of students’ hands by enlisting something they already use every day – their smartphone. The VR One is equipped with a custom smartphone tray to make experiencing VR a breeze! It fits phones between 4.7-5.5͟ long and features a see-through front shield to enable the use of augmented reality apps as well. Its leading-edge optical design and precision lenses provide users with the ultimate experience in immersive virtual reality. With internal sensor tracking, a 3D support stereo, and audio plugs to incorporate accompanying sounds, the VR One is a top-notch teaching tool for exposing kids of  any age to the impressive opportunities provided by virtual reality!

Kit Components:

  • -Zeiss VR One Headset 
  • -Universal Tray 
  • -Head Strap and Over-the-head Strap
  • -AR Cube 
  • -User Manual and Safety Information