Hummingbird Duo Classroom Kit

Conquer crowded classrooms with a kit that catalyzes creative robotics learning for up to 12 kids.


  • -Engage students with easy-to-grasp construction and the programming of robots
  • -Inspire evident interactions between robotics and everyday objects using Arduino
  • -Spark simultaneous project-based creativity, problem solving, and engineering
  • -Anchor real-world programming knowledge as kids complete crafty challenges
  • -Unlock innovative thinking with unique exposure to electronics and cool motors

Hummingbird is a uniquely engaging robot that stimulates student excitement with programmable bots they can construct themselves. Designed to enhance engineering and robotics knowhow, Hummingbird helps guide kids on a journey of meaningful making that includes robots, kinetic sculptures, and animatronics. Aside from the motor and digital components, much of the Hummingbird is composed of student-built materials, like cardboard, paint, and glue, giving kids a unique opportunity to beautifully combine STEM and STEAM. Built for collaboration in classrooms that love group work, the Hummingbird Classroom Kit is perfect for including teams of creative kids to craft cool robots that, slide, move, and fly!

Manufacturer BirdBrain Technologies
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The Hummingbird, once assembled using any combination of craft materials, is programmable using Snap! Ardublock, and even Scratch or Java. Students can explore robotics challenges through programming in a variety of different environments using materials they are already familiar with. The highly adaptable nature of the Hummingbird controller makes it compatible with many types of projects and activities, meaning that it is accessible to students of all ages and effective in classrooms of any size. The kit’s hobby servos and extension cables allow educators to ramp up student engagement as the Hummingbird Classroom's reusable library of parts cater to classes of larger sizes. Kids can create robots that can sense and react to temperature, light, sound, and distance - making the 294-piece Hummingbird Classroom Kit a must-have for group-based, STEM education!


Kit Components


  • -4 Hummingbird Duo Controllers
  • -Power Supply
  • -USB Cable
  • -Terminal Tool
  • -Snap-in Stand-offs
  • -3 Red Single-Color LEDs
  • -3 Orange Single-Color LEDs
  • -3 Yellow Single-Color LEDs
  • -3 Green Single-Color LEDs
  • -8 Tri-color LEDs
  • -10 Hobby Servos
  • -6 Servo Extension Cables
  • -4 Gear Motors
  • -4 Vibration Motors
  • -4 Light Sensors
  • -4 Temperature Sensors
  • -2 Distance Sensors
  • -2 Sound Sensors
  • -2 Rotary Sensors