Finch Robot

Dive into robotics with an adaptable introduction to programming and computer science.


  • -Steer students toward STEM-filled computer science naturally and effortlessly
  • -Transform the understanding of computer science topics into practical knowledge
  • -Catalyze rich interactions with physical actions and in-depth programming activities
  • -Engage students with different expertise levels as they write their own programs
  • -Streamline retention of 21st century concepts with step-by-step, experiential learning
The Finch is a small, mobile, and programmable robot that packs a big punch! Equipped with LEDs, a buzzer, multiple sensors, and compatibility with a plethora of programming languages, from simple to complex, it offers the total package for any student learning about computer science. As kids gain experience with programming, they learn more and more about what they can accomplish with the no-batteries-required Finch! Using Finch, kids as young as 8 years old all the way up through high school are able to amass invaluable experience by engaging directly in programming with simple languages, like Snap!, Python, Java or Scratch. They create the programs on the computer, plug the Finch in, and let their programming prowess take over!

Manufacturer BirdBrain Technologies
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The Finch is outfitted with a variety of sensors, including devices capable of sensing ambient light levels, temperature, obstacles in its path, and its acceleration. Its two gear motors allow it to turn in place and reach a breathtaking top speed of 15 inches per second. Embedded in the beak of the Finch are light and sound sensors that kids can control and create light with varying intensity or sounds with varying frequency. As for software, the Finch connects to the computer like a normal USB device and charges while connected, eliminating the need for additional batteries. And, when programming, students can use any number of languages to write their programs, including Snap!, Java, CREATE Lab Visual Programmer, C++, Javascript, Scratch, Python, Go, Matlab and more!


Kit Components


  • -Finch Robot
  • -USB Cable