Snap Circuits Extreme Educational SC-750R Student Electronics Training Program

Explore electronics and STEM education with in-depth, invigorating circuitry projects in this mega-sized project playset.


  • -Stimulate student inventiveness and innovation with thoughtful play and progress
  • -Inspect circuit components and parts and how kids can control circuit functions 
  • -Promote experiential learning through construction-centered, STEM experiments
  • -Master modular making with start-to-finish guides for building science-filled devices
  • -Simplify circuitry and all its possibilities with snap-together pieces that guide success

Snap Circuits 750 features immense amounts of learning potential with – you guessed it – 750 experiments described, dissected, and displayed for easy completion by kids as young as 8 years old! Combining light, sound, and motion with a wide variety of electrical components, it takes the exciting world of circuitry and shrinks it into an all-encompassing, fun, hands-on product. The included projects all contain clear, concise, and easy-to-follow instructions and explanations for what kids’ created devices can accomplish, making Snap Circuits a valuable learning tool for children with little electronics experience. And, thanks to the modularity of the pieces, imaginative kids can even design and build their own inventions, leading to a nearly infinite number of possible projects as they develop ever-important skills in the STEM fields!

MNF# SC-750R
EAN 0 756619 005621
Manufacturer Elenco
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A combination of simple wires, resistors, switches, and outputs, the Snap Circuits Extreme Kit is designed to get students exploring some of the more complicated topics in electricity. Featuring tools like voice recorders, alarms, and radios, this top-notch toolbox allows students to truly see how the principles of electricity work in a simplified, miniature way. With over 80 parts in the kit, kids are empowered to construct 750 different computer-interfaced projects - all they have to do is snap the circuits together with ease! Each piece is clearly labeled to identify all parts of the circuit, prompting understanding of advanced concepts through simple symbols. Plus, its parts are modular and fully interchangeable with those in other Snap Circuits kits, providing maximum compatibility and fostering hands-on tech skills while kids conduct conclusive experiments!


Kit Components


  • -5 Instruction Manuals
  • -Student Guide
  • -Base Grid
  • -6 1-Snap Wires
  • -12 2-Snap Wires
  • -4 3-Snap Wires
  • -2 4-Snap Wires
  • -2 5-Snap Wires
  • -6-Snap Wire
  • -7-Snap Wire
  • -Whistle Chip
  • -Slide Switch
  • -Press Switch
  • -Relay
  • -Vibration Switch
  • -Red LED
  • -Green LED
  • -Diode 1N4001
  • -7-Segment LED Display
  • -2.5V Lamp
  • -6V Lamp
  • -2 Battery Holders
  • -Speaker
  • -Music Integrated Circuit
  • -Alarm Integrated Circuit
  • -Space War Integrated Circuit
  • -Power Amplifier Integrated Circuit
  • -High Frequency Integrated Circuit
  • -Motor
  • -Fan
  • -100Ω Resistor
  • -1kΩ Resistor
  • -5.1Ω Resistor
  • -10kΩ Resistor
  • -100kΩ Resistor
  • -Photoresistor
  • -Adjustable Resistor
  • -Black Jumper Wire
  • -Red Jumper Wire
  • -Antenna Coil
  • -Microphone
  • -0.02µF Capacitor
  • -0.1µF Capacitor
  • -10µF Capacitor
  • -100µF Capacitor
  • -470µF Capacitor
  • -Variable Capacitor
  • -PNP Transistor
  • -NPN Transistor
  • -FM Module
  • -Analog Meter
  • -SCR
  • -Transformer
  • -Recording Integrated Circuit
  • -Solar Cell
  • -Electromagnet
  • -Iron Core Rod
  • -Bag of Paperclips
  • -Two-spring Socket