The Conservation Station Bundle (Grades 6-8)

Shape the next generation of green-savvy students with eye-opening projects that exemplify the need to conserve.


  • -Promote incurable curiosity and mesh the great outdoors with technology 
  • -Encourage inquiry-based exploration in and out of the classroom
  • -Appreciate the scarcity of renewable resources and transform solutions 
  • -Transfer clean energy objectives into real-world, project-based solutions 
  • -Practice crucial conservation and an environmentally conscious lifestyle


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Horizon Energy Box

The Renewable Energy Box provides a complete understanding of how fuel cell technology interacts with renewable energy sources to create an entirely sustainable power grid. Bolster student familiarity with solar power, wind energy, and kinetic energy through hands-on, project-based demonstrations designed to inspire creative problem solving.

Portable HD 1080p Waterproof Action Sports Camera

With its hands-free capabilities, flawless functionality and robust recording repertoire, the Action Sports Camera is a STEM-centered push toward photography and editing. Its ultra-HD display screen allows for perfect digital video recording, enhanced photo shooting and even uncompromised audio recording – all while under water.

Snap Circuits Green

Put an environmentally friendly twist on award-wining snap-and-go circuit construction!. The Snap Circuits Green Kit incorporates a project-based aspect geared toward promoting the importance of going “green.” Explore everything from sustainable energy options to alternative water solutions with brand new, but equally understandable project guides.


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