Robotic Readiness Bundle (Grades 1-3)

Spark independent learning endeavors while students prevail proficient in using technology to control robots.


  • Shape future inventors and spark a STEM surge with relevant fun 
  • Enable interactive experimentation and magnify programming pedigree 
  • Ace conductivity through hands-on trial and error and dynamic play 
  • Weave artistry into robotics and elicit unknown passions and creativity 
  • Illuminate hands-on programming in an interactive and low-key way


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MaKey MaKey

MaKey MaKey is the coolest way to introduce kids to robotics as it lets them turn any object they want into a fully-functioning computer interface. All it needs is a little bit of conductivity (and, thankfully, kids have plenty!) to complete the circuit and provide interactive and entertaining learning experiences! There's no better tool to encourage creativity and modern invention in today's STEAM classrooms!

Kano Computer Kit

The Kano Computer Kit is a fun, simple and powerful introduction to computer hardware and coding. Not only do kids get to use an innovative and cool looking computer, they'll build it from scratch themselves. Kano is the ultimate hands-on learning experience for any modern classroom and the best part is you can use it for the rest of the year after you build it!

Ozobot Bit

This tiny optical robot can perform different movements on paper or on a tablet screen based on the color codes it receives from students. Unique color combinations represent specific robotic reactions and the Ozobot's animated feedback keeps kids engaged all day long.


Hummingbird provides kids with a truly interactive learning experience that combines all elements of modern-day education. Combine STEM-based robotics and STEAM-based art to create a full-circle 21st century learning experience.


Launch an early intro to computer science education with a robot designed to support engaging interaction with programming tasks. Students can even start writing their own rich programs and explore up to eight different languages.


The mBot 2.4G was designed specifically for amplifying student engagement and enhancing modern-day STEM education. With painless set-up and a variety of pre-assembled program features, the mBot gets kids programming and helps schools invest in future-building, real-world success at every kid-programmed turn.


*The new price is the price when purchasing this entire bundle. The regular price is the total if all products were purchased separately. 

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