A little Bit of Circuitry Bundle (Grades 1-3)

Fuse creativity and simple, age-appropriate tech to illuminate key circuitry and electronics concepts.


  • -Discover circuitry concepts and expand tech knowledge instantly 
  • -Enlist the power of the imagination to creatively clarify circuitry 
  • -Introduce insanely innovative angles to science with interactive STEAM 
  • -Advance knowledge with a fun-focused building-block approach 
  • -Shape future makers with this long-term investment in creativity


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MaKey MaKey

MaKey MaKey is the coolest way to introduce kids to circuitry as it lets them turn any object they want into a fully-functioning computer interface. All it needs is a little bit of conductivity (and, thankfully, kids have plenty!) to complete the circuit and provide interactive and entertaining learning experiences! There's no better tool to encourage creativity and modern invention in today's STEAM classrooms!

LightUp Tesla Kit

The LightUp Tesla Kit is a fun and easy way for kids to learn the core concepts of electricity, circuitry and engineering while also incorporating introductory coding! With no soldering or electrical expertise required, young students can personalize any STEAM project and refine their hands-on knowledge with guidance from the free LightUp Learning App!

littleBits Rule Your Room Kit

The Rule Your Room Kit helps kids get creative as they construct interactive devices that help keep unwanted enemies at bay! Using the kit's array of electric components and a Bit of their own creativity, students will bring their innovative potential to life and use their STEM skills to enrich the environment around them!

Roominate Zoey's Pet Vet Van

Take engineering and design skills on the go as Zoey's Pet Vet Van empowers inventors to design and construct mobile and classroom-friendly vehicles while developing brand new STEAM skills. Students will learn the design thinking process and emerge as Future Ready engineers thanks to the versatile pieces and added element of circuitry to power their inventions once they're complete!

Snap Circuits Jr.

Snap Circuits Jr. is bursting with tech for kid-crafted experiments, guided instructions for real working projects and interactive STEAM activities that bring brand new angles to science! Kids as young as 5 will grasp electronics basics thanks to endless creative opportunities that mix learning with play!


*The new price is the price when purchasing this entire bundle. The regular price is the total if all products were purchased separately. 


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