3B: Bot-Building Bundle (PK-K)

Unlock kid-controlled programming and illuminate scientific concepts with easy-to-use robot tools.


  • -Merge outstandingly original design thinking with flexible robotic creation 
  • -Master modular making methods and shape an early physics foundation 
  • -Transcend typical robotics projects with customizable courses and carrying 
  • -Discover the connection between programming and robotic reactions 
  • -Shine as a robotics specialist ready for the next coding challenge


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Cubelets 20 Kit

Get kids programming with modular and magnetic robotic sensors. Kids will absorb robotic principles using handmade, buildable bots that respond to light, sound and movement and offer tons of creative opportunities for hands-on and personalized construction.

Finch Robot

Launch an early intro to computer science education with a robot designed to support engaging interaction with programming tasks. Students can even start writing their own rich programs and explore up to eight different languages.

Edison Robot

Combine robotics, science and technology in one super simple stepping stone into STEM supremacy. Edison is a programmable robot that kids can control by clapping or talking, illustrating the variety of ways we can control objects.


Demystify the complexities of coding by creating an interactive environment for kids to learn through play! Cubetto breaks coding down into its simplest forms and illustrates how specific inputs lead to specific outputs as this friendly-looking, wooden tool navigates a new environment, completing the commands kids control with tiles that represent its movements!

Dash and Dot Wonder Pack

Opening their eyes to how the world around them works, Dash and Dot guide kids through the world of coding and robotics, turning ideas into adventures. The robot pair help illustrate coding basics to children, activates their imagination and inspires a new level of creative confidence.


The meeperBOT is a LEGO-compatible, app-controlled tiny little robot that packs a pretty potent punch. Kids can design and construct LEGO creations and then mount them to the board of the meeperBOT, transcending typical robotics projects with customizable ways to bring LEGO to life.


*The new price is the price when purchasing this entire bundle. The regular price is the total if all products were purchased separately. 

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