Discovery Bundle (PK-K)

Enhance immersion and retention by engaging kids in unique ways using student-written code, natural conductivity and interactive education.


  • -Play your way to fine-tuning spatial, motor and problem-solving skills 
  • -Learn color coding techniques and interactively get a feel for robotics 
  • -Engage kids with playful invention that builds hands-on tech skills 
  • -Explore cause and effect relationships as you complete the circuit 
  • -Master circuitry basics and program your way to ruling STEM


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What's Included

MaKey MaKey

MaKey MaKey is the coolest way to introduce kids to circuitry as it lets them turn any object they want into a fully-functioning computer interface. All it needs is a little bit of conductivity (and, thankfully, kids have plenty!) to complete the circuit and provide interactive and entertaining learning experiences! There's no better tool to encourage creativity and modern invention in today's STEAM classrooms!

LightUp Edison Kit

Become the next great inventor with hands-on circuit creation from the fun and powerful LightUp Edison Kit! The days of reading about science concepts are over as LightUp offers a truly hands-on way for kids to SEE circuitry principles displayed right before their eyes with interactive and project-based experiments.

Ozobot Bit Dual Pack

This tiny optical robot can perform different movements on paper or on a tablet screen based on the color codes it receives from students. Unique color combinations represent specific robotic reactions and the Ozobot's animated feedback keeps kids engaged all day long.

Snap Circuits Beginner Kit

Introduce circuitry in a play-based environment with a hands-on first look at problem solving. Students know exactly what's expected of them thanks to detailed illustrations and capitalize on fun tasks, making learning opportunities soar.

Roominate Townhouse

Roominate combines engineering and design into a STEAM-focused quest to empower girls with technology. The School Bus kit encourages them to interactively investigate the process needed to construct objects small or large and helps build a foundation that will heighten their curiosity for years to come.

Roominate rPower

After kids construct towers, cars, and more using Roominate, they can take the learning one step further by controlling its functions using the rPower app! With rPower, children can give life to their inventions, even making their light up, spin, or crawl as they navingate an introduction to programming using the rPower app from Roominate!

Dash and Dot Pack

Opening their eyes to how the world around them works, Dash and Dot guide kids through the world of coding and robotics, turning ideas into adventures. The robot pair help illustrate coding basics to children, activates their imagination and inspires a new level of creative confidence.


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