LightUp Tesla Kit - Learn to Program

Invent cleverly crafted circuits ready to program and help curious kids explore the fascinating world of DIY electronics.


  • -Discover hands-on circuitry and expand tech knowledge with real-time feedback
  • -Hone hands-on creative skills and develop block-based programming proficiency
  • -Tinker and toggle to fashion electronics projects without complicated tools
  • -Control the functions of hand-made circuits through app-based programming
  • -Engineer your way to mastering circuitry basics and rule STEM-centered coding
Become the next great inventor with hands-on circuit creation from the fun and powerful LightUp Tesla Kit! The days of reading about science concepts are over as LightUp offers a truly hands-on way for kids to SEE circuitry and programming principles displayed right before their eyes. Take interactivity to the next level with magnetic building blocks that click together, presenting multiple combinations and a wide range of functional circuits! The kit offers instant feedback, so kids will always know if their circuit works – it’ll light up or buzz – and the partner app, LightUp Learning, offers a visual cue for what (if anything) needs fixing! To build off of the LightUp Edison Kit, Tesla has incorporated programming with Blockly so kids can control their circuits to do all kinds of amazing things!

MNF# LU-003
EAN 0 858366 005012
Manufacturer LightUp
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The kit’s magnetic building blocks clip together to illustrate many combinations and types of circuits, offering an intro to electronics without the need for any wires, breadboards or soldering. The in-app augmented reality LightUp Smart Lens is a truly unique feature, giving you 'X-ray vision' of your circuit in action. All you need to do is drag and drop wireless programming right from the LightUp Learning app and you’re ready to start making circuits in minutes! Through Bluetooth or USB connection, the Microcontroller can be programmed to turn circuits into all sorts of things, from alarms and flashlights to music boxes and Morse Code machines! All you need is an iPad and you’re ready to dive into the world of electronics and programming with wireless, drag-and-drop simplicity!


Kit Components


  • -Rechargeable Battery
  • -Microcontroller
  • -Buzzer
  • -Light Sensor
  • -Momentary Switch
  • -5k Resistor
  • -7 Wire Blocks
  • -Micro USB Cable