Ozobot Bit Starter Pack

This bite-sized robot responds to student-written code and engages learners in utterly unique ways.

  • Transform complex concepts into fun, interactive learning activities 
  • Learn color coding techniques and get a real feel for robotics 
  • Apply animated feedback to improve deductive reasoning skills 
  • Extend collaboration, creative teamwork and responsive learning
  • Prepare students for the next step in the programming progression
Grades: 1-5

The Ozobot inspires kids to create hand-made maps for it to follow and when it recognizes one of the colors on the trail, it’ll let them know! This “Best Robot” winner transforms complex concepts into fun and interactive learning activities designed to teach kids all about the wonders of coding and robotics! The technology found in the Ozobot lets children flash their creativity and develop a responsive robot that carries out specific movements when it encounters visual color codes. Kids will love learning how to make their Ozobot spin, slide, speed up, dance and more – all through the power of color coding! Start an interactive robotics unit now and get kids excited about code language, robotic behavior and deductive reasoning in a playful environment. Ozobot’s learning power: much larger than its cubic inch frame!

MNF# OZO-030201-03
EAN 7599700630127
Manufacturer Evollve
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Ozobot uses twin micro-motors and a friction drivetrain design to deliver remarkably quiet and precise movement from anywhere in your STEM classroom. The sensors on the bottom allow it to scan its environment, see colors, follow lines, and detect intersections all while it flawlessly navigates even the most creative path designs! Ozobot’s LED lights provide colorful feedback to students as it reads the custom code they’ve written and its built-in LiPo battery recharges quick enough to deliver over an hour of continuous action on a single charge. When it comes to color combinations as it's moving along, the Ozobot can read and recognize hundreds of different patterns, each telling it to perform a specific function. And, as kids get more comfortable with coding, they can pregress to programming the Ozobot on a connected computer or tablet!


Kit Components:

  • Ozobot Bit (Crystal White)
  • USB charging cable
  • 4 Ozobot markers
  • 2 Skins, 
  • DIY Stickers
  • OzoCode Reference Sheet
  • OzoDice Game
  • 20 Additional STEAM Activities