MeccaNoid G15 Personal Robot

Excite exploration-loving students with a fully-DIY, 2-foot-tall, humanoid robot that teaches them programming.


  • -Spark serious learning with three innovative and interactive programming options
  • -Awaken young, STEM-inclined minds with an incredibly intelligent personal robot
  • -Bolster key robotics and coding knowledge with project-based, hands-on experience
  • -Enlist out-of-this world abilities to interact directly with a sensationally smart pal
  • -Maximize coding-based play with simplified, drag-and-drop programming for kids
The Meccanoid G15 is a 2-foot-tall personal robot that kids can build and program themselves! Utilizing voice recognition, Ragdoll mode, drag-and-drop programming, and Learned Intelligent Movement, Meccanoid is able to move incredibly realistically. Ready to be programmed or commanded to do anything kids can think up, Meccanoid is adaptable and eager and features six high-powered motors. With phrases to say, robot trivia to share, and stories stored in its Meccabrain, Meccanoid comes equipped with everything it needs to become a progressively powerful teaching tool. This version of the Meccanoid even knows over 3,000 pre-programmed commands and questions, helping kids spark a love of robotics with a super smooth introduction to drag-and-drop programming!

MNF# 15401
Manufacturer Spin Master
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Powered by an on-board robot brain called the Meccabrain, Meccanoid 2.0 is able to process a wide range of commands and actions, tell captivating stories, move around, and share exciting information about robots. It’s able to process drag-and-drop programming commands when paired with the free Meccanoid app, as well as operate in two different modes - Ragdoll or Learned Intelligent Movement. Full of motors that enable legitimately realistic movements, Meccanoid is an exciting humanoid robot that’s easily constructed and designed to respond to student commands like “Dance with me,” or “Do Kung Fu,” thanks to its exceptional voice recognition capabilities. It’s Bluetooth-ready, equipped with pre-loaded games, and even able to learn more as kids begin their quest to program!


Kit Components


  • -621 Robot Parts
  • -Meccabrain
  • -LED Module
  • -2 Hand Tools
  • -4 Servos
  • -2 Rear Wheel Assemblies
  • -2 Motor Gear Box Assemblies