Bare Conductive Electric Paint Jar (50ml)

Unlock an ultra-interactive avenue for kids to combine creative design and jaw-dropping science.

  • Modernize art class and innovate with tech-centered projects 
  • Establish outside-the-box thinking and foster creative problem solving 
  • Promote collaborative challenges that hammer home scientific concepts 
  • Merge design, technology and innovation with one compact tool 
  • Kindle purposeful experimentation and progressive inventiveness
Grades: 2-8



Electric Paint seamlessly combines innovation, fun and versatility to promote creativity in STEAM-focused classrooms. Use the pen for easy writing and intricate design or break out your paintbrush and dip it in the jar when creating larger projects. Bare Conductive is not just for paper – use it on wood, metal, cardboard, plaster or many other unique surfaces to interactively create live circuits for in-depth, scientific exploration! Bare expands creativity in the classroom and is super compatible with other innovative tools like MaKey MaKey and Raspberry Pi, helping to bring a brand new element of invention to artistic and technical projects! In order to truly unlock innovation in the classroom and highlight the 'A' in STEAM, Electric Paint is a must-have tool for enhancing MakerEd, crafts, and hands-on learning experiences. 

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Electric Paint allows for the creation of fully functioning electronic circuits without the need for any wires or soldering. It acts as a liquid wire to draw or print circuits on almost any surface imaginable as well as a conductive adhesive to add electronic interactivity to almost any object. It’s water soluble, so it can be removed easily and its external properties allow makers to apply their own paint to make their creations any color they want! Bare Paint will never lose its conductive properties if kept dry and treated properly and it can even carry power needed for running other light sources, like LEDs! It’s recommended that you use your Bare Paint within six months of opening the jar, but never with an electrical source exceeding 12V DC.