Wonder Workshop Dash & Dot Wonder Pack

Get kids coding with a super smart, fabulously friendly, and tech-focused revamping of smart playtime.


  • Transcend robotics education with totally reinvented, hands-on learning
  • Enable independent activities with unlimited opportunities for creativity
  • Boost smart robotics curricula and unmask enormous STEAM potential
  • Redefine the learning curve with intuitive controls and engaging lessons
  • Thrive in a problem-solving world with applicable, first-hand experience

Grades: 1-5


Dash and Dot are animated, programmable, and friendly robots that come charged and ready to play right out of the box. Combine Dash (the body) and Dot (the brains) to empower kids to explore robotics learning like never before! Kids will truly benefit from coding with Dash and Dot as programming physical objects engages them much more effectively than programming strictly on a screen. Both bots are compatible with the Blockly programming language, giving kids as young as 5 years old the invigorating intro to coding that they need. Responding to voice, navigating around objects, dancing, and singing, Dash and Dot are the robots that will get early learners interested in and excelling at STEM. Using a multitude of apps to create new behaviors and games for Dash and Dot, students are able to do more with robotics than they ever would have thought possible!

MNF# 1-WB04-01
EAN 1-WB04-01
Manufacturer Wonder Workshop
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The Dash & Dot Pack comes with two fully functional robots, which communicate flawlessly with each other and with kids using Bluetooth technology. Dot, functioning as the brains of the robot, introduces kids to essential programming and robotics concepts, enabling them to create their own games using the Wonder Workshop software. Kids then have the opportunity to put their new skills into practice with Dash, using apps to program Dash to perform an infinite number of tasks, including racing with other robots, talking, and more! Dash and Dot come fully equipped with three microphones, a speaker, LED eye, ear, spot, tail lights, four IR transmitters, distance sensors, and two IR detect robot receivers. Both bots work with iOS or Android and feature powerful batteries that unlock up to five hours of productive play! When they need charging, just connect Dash or Dot to a computer via its USB charging port and they will be refueled in no time! Along with Dash and Dot, the Wonder Pack also comes with a large Accessory Pack to help kids unlock new features of Dash and Dot and use the related apps to expand their experience even more!


Kit Components

  • Dash Robot
  • Dot Robot
  • 2 Charging Cords
  • 4 Building Brick Connectors
  • Tow Hook
  • Bulldozer Bar
  • Launcher
  • 3 Launcher Balls
  • 6 Target Stickers
  • Xylophone
  • 2 Bunny Ears
  • Bunny Tail