Wonder Workshop Dot

Bolster a transition to smarter playtime with intrinsic inspiration enabled by experiential coding.

  • Catapult coding creations with a real, reliable and future ready robot
  • Empower students to lead their learning using tons of creative outlets
  • Boost smart robotics curricula and unmask enormous STEAM potential
  • Redefine hands-on learning with intuitive controls and fun lessons
  • Thrive in a problem-solving world with applicable, first-hand experience

 Grades: 1-4

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Using Dot and its compatible Blockly app, kids can engage in real-life coding challenges designed to supplement their skills and get them ready to solve authentic challenges! Designed to facilitate an unmatchable, interactive, and all-in-one learning experience, Dot maneuvers exceptionally smoothly, empowering kids to do more with robotics at an early age. Packed with real robotic technology but represented in a child-friendly design, Dot is capable of executing a number of awe-inspiring behaviors that come directly from student-made programming commands. Whether it’s navigating an obstacle course or flying through a tunnel, Dot will bring out true creativity in students and foster a wholesomely beneficial and responsive, play-based learning experience - especially when paired with its robot partner, Dash!

MNF# 1-DO01-04
Manufacturer Wonder Workshop
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Dash comes ready to play, and getting started is easy with simple Bluetooth connectivity. By downloading any of Wonder Workshop’s Dash & Dot apps to a smart device and connecting the robot, kids can enjoy the exciting benefits of hands-on learning with robotics! Using the easy-to-navigate Dash & Dot apps to program Dash to perform an infinite number of tasks, including racing with other Dashes, talking, and more, kids can immerse themselves directly into entry-level coding! Dash comes equipped with microphones, a speaker, an LED eye, ear, and tail lights, IR transmitters, distance sensors, and IR detect robot receivers. Plus, it works with either iOS or Android, features powerful batteries that unlock up to five hours of productive play and can reach a maximum speed of 3.3 feet per second with a wide range of head motion! When it needs charging, just connect Dash to a computer via its USB charging port and it will be refueled in no time!


Kit Components:

  • Dot Robot
  • Charging Cord
  • 2 Building Brick Connectors
  • Getting Started Guide