Tech Will Save Us - DIY Gamer Kit (soldered with Arduino)

Build, code, and play your own awesome, handheld video game console with this STEM-soaked DIY kit!


  • -Engage curious and active young minds by mixing the familiar with the new
  • -Fortify top-notch hardware and software skills through hands-on interaction
  • -Foster an understanding of what makes gaming systems and computers work
  • -Encourage makers to explore assembly with an easily accessible starting point
  • -Transform passive gaming into an educational, thought-provoking experience
The DIY Gamer Kit is built for fun – or it will be, once kids make it! This kit contains all the pieces students need to make, play, and hack their very own authentic handheld gaming system while learning about electronics and how to solder. From the hands-on experience of DIY building to the undeniable excitement of creating their own game with a specialized computer program, the DIY Gamer Kit offers a complete, STEM-focused gaming package that’s both fun and educational. Children can challenge their friends to beat their high scores, make fun animations, and do so much more on a real-world gaming console invented by none other than them! With the Gamer Kit, kids are the creators as they build their very own video games from scratch, uncovering the ins and outs of technology, electronics, and soldering along the way!

MNF# TKIT_0140
Manufacturer Tech Will Save Us
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Running on an Arduino board, the DIY Gamer Kit is extremely versatile, customizable, and shareable. The open-source nature of this platform means there are endless project ideas and helpful hints available online for your ambitious young game designer, with more being added all the time. Simple enough to be a good first experience but complicated enough that it provides hours of learning, the Gamer Kit combines Arduino power with programming lessons to teach kids this essential skill in a relatable way. The kit features easy-start options to help kids of all ages learn how to construct a variety of games, create their own awesome animations, and even piece together a flicker book. Featuring capacitive touch, sound projection, scrolling text, and infrared technology, the DIY Gamer Kit will make an excellent addition to your line of engaging activities!


Kit Components


  • -Game Console Body
  • -Screen
  • -4 Buttons
  • -2 IR Receivers
  • -IR Sender
  • -Buzzer
  • -LDR
  • -4 Mowling Screws
  • -Arduino Board
  • -Game Board
  • -DIL Socket
  • -2 Chips
  • -2 Screen pcb Sockets
  • -On-Off Switch
  • -Start Button
  • -2 9V Battery Clips

*Not included: Soldering Iron, Wire Cutters, Batteries