KEVA Structures 200 Plank Set

Boost hands-on, design-focused learning with building that’s simple, straightforward, and shapes STEAM skills.


  • -Construct sky-scraping structures with ease while fusing learning and fun
  • -Master essential architectural skills, like geometry, balance, and leverage
  • -Optimize early education with low-tech, high-learning, and constructive play
  • -Expand minds young and old with intuitive and reusable geometric blocks
  • -Explore concepts crucial to 21st century success while loving low-key learning

The sky’s the limit with the KĒVA Structures 200 Plank Set! Get students excited about architecture with this easy-to-use, elegantly simple block-filled box that helps them mimic authentic design experiences. KĒVA blocks stack with surprising stability, helping kids construct narrow towers that reach the ceiling while they incorporate science-backed skills to keep it upright! The kit’s cantilevers can even balance beyond belief and there’s no glue or connectors needed – just gravity and student imagination. Playing with planks gives maker-minded students first-hand experience with balance, leverage, geometry, and the principles of physics. Every time kids design, stack, adjust, and construct, their brains expand along with their innovative creations. Whether building a bridge or constructing a sculpture, kids are making with purpose – a true goal of modern-day learning!

MNF# 50089
EAN 7-36970-50089-8
Manufacturer MindWare
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The KĒVA Structures 200 Plank Set contains 200 identical pieces of precision-cut, smooth and splinter-free wooden pine planks. Designed to stack with simplistic stability, the 200 planks enable students to create designs of all shapes and sizes while maximizing hands-on engagement in the classroom. The 200 Plank Set also helps students explore another side of technology - the simpler one - as they recognize that even some of the simplest tools still serve a purpose in maximizing efficiency. KĒVA helps kids develop fine motor skills, learn basic counting and design skills, and promotes cooperative collaboration among students in all grade levels, making them a huge hit in hands-on learning!


Kit Components


  • -200 Pine Planks
  • -24-Page Full Color Idea Booklet with Instructions