Snap Circuits Arcade

Supplement existing STEAM curricula with problem-based play designed to leverage technology to mold future innovators.


  • -Structure hands-on learning around exploring the functions of electronics
  • -Employ creativity and logic to design solutions to solve real-world problems
  • -Uncover all-new sets of STEM skills while constructing crazy creative devices
  • -Dial up diligent discovery with simply worded projects and detailed guides
  • -Tinker, toggle, and tamper with real-world replicas while becoming experts

Grades: 3-12


With the Snap Circuits Arcade Kit, kids can combine learning and gaming as they design and build classic, arcade-style games with real tech components! Another evolution of Snap Circuits, the Arcade Kit draws on gaming and engineering to engage students as young as eight years old in building simple machines with authentic functions. As kids explore electronics concepts, like voltage and currents, they’ll stretch their creativity to new lengths while working together to assemble over 200 fully guided projects! The concept is simple – follow the vivid project diagrams and place each component of the circuit on the grid in the correct place, ultimately leading to the invention of a brand-new circuit with an entirely new function each time! This beginner-level kit comes with 30 different snap-together modules and is ready to help teachers add award-winning innovation to their STEAM classrooms.

MNF# SCA-200
Manufacturer Elenco
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Using super simple snap-together technology, students are able to learn about the ins and outs of electronics with a trial-and-error approach. The kit’s internal microcontroller comes pre-programmed and allows students to build functional and interactive circuits replicated on a smaller scale. Serving as the brain of any circuit kids build, the microcontroller, which can be programmed with PICAXE, communicates with the different components used to make each circuit and instructs them how and when to perform certain functions. Each piece in the kit snaps securely to all surfaces, ensuring a safe and strong connection while kids invent more complex devices. And, by following the project guides in the kit, kids can learn all about key concepts, like power, resistance, voltage, and currents using age-appropriate plastic pieces!


Kit Components:


  • -Base Grid
  • -2 1-snap Wires
  • -6 3-snap Wires
  • -3 3-snap Wires
  • -4 4-snap Wires
  • -5-snap Wire
  • -Battery Holder
  • -Red LED
  • -Green LED
  • -Red/Yellow Bicolor LED -Support Bar for Disco Covers
  • -Triangle Disco Cover
  • -Hexagon Disco Cover
  • -5 Jumper Wires
  • -Programmable Fan
  • -PNP Transistor
  • -NPN Transistor
  • -Slide Switch
  • -Press Switch
  • -Selector
  • -Speaker
  • -Alarm IC
  • -LED Display and Microcontroller

*3 AA batteries needed – not included.