Cubelets Creative Constructors Pack

Anchor all-inclusive entry into robotics exploration with top-of-the-line technology designed to maximize collaboration.

  • Unlock unlimited options for innovation and kickstart coding
  • Simplify programming quests and build STEAM-savvy students
  • Shape early learning and creatively clarify complex concepts
  • Fuse robotics andcoding to catalyze continuous making and play
  • Optimize students’ first robotics endeavor with splendid simplicity
Grades: K-4 
Currently backordered, ETA late August

The Creative Constructors pack empowers educators to expand their robotics classes and compels students to access their craziest creativity! Filled with 56 pieces that accelerate play-based invention, this Cubelets kit helps create a classroom centered on collaboration with something to get every child enamored in coding while they work together. Not only will kids fine tune their coding skills, they’ll benefit from creative construction opportunities and maximize their maker skills as well! Designed to facilitate large-scale collaboration and up to four groups of students at a fraction of the price, the Cubelets Constructors Pack injects innovation into K-4 classrooms and transcends typical learning with a shot of tech-based challenges! Boost any collaborative classroom or makerspace and get kids ingeniously inventing with the creativity waiting to erupt from the Cubelets Constructors Pack!

EAN 855165004437
Manufacturer Modular Robotics
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The Cubelets Creative Constructors Pack boasts enough equipment to enable power-packed invention for up to four students at a time. There are 56 total Cubelets in the kit, all of which utilize magnetic connections to latch on to other Cubelets and help kids create bigger and better robotic inventions. Their real power, however, lies in their functions. Each Cubelet is also a color-coded representation of a specific action, like driving, rotating, or blocking, for example! The input Cubelets tell the output Cubelets what to do when connected to a power Cubelet and the output Cubelets respond by executing the coded action, teaching kids the basics of coding while they build and play with LEGO-like, magnetic blocks. Plus, the Bluetooth Cubelet allows STEAM-savvy students to control their robotic inventions from a device, giving a whole new meaning to mobile makerspaces and boosting any robotics curriculum up a few notches!


Kit Components:

  • 6 Battery Cubelets
  • 4 Passive Cubelets
  • 4 Inverse Cubelets
  • 4 Blocker Cubelets
  • 4 Bluetooth Cubelets
  • 2 Threshold Cubelets
  • 8 Distance Cubelets
  • 4 Brightness Cubelets
  • 2 Knob Cubelets
  • 8 Drive Cubelets
  • 4 Flashlight Cubelets
  • 4 Rotate Cubelets
  • 2 Bar Graph Cubelets
  • 8 Brick Adapters
  • 5-port Charger
  • 5 Charging Cables
  • 2 Storage Tubs