Particle Energy Saving kit

Track real time energy use on your home appliances, projects and lighting


The AC Current Monitoring Kit from Control Everything makes it easy to monitor real-time AC current consumption and sound the alarm if things go awry. The kit includes a 2-Channel, 20-Amp Current Monitor, as well as a 3-digit LED display and I2C Buzzer Mini Module for visualizing current consumption and notification in the event of a current overdraw with the Particle Photon or Electron.

The included current monitor module is designed to measure up to 20 amps of AC current with a 95% accuracy rate. The 3-Digit LED numeric display makes it easy to provide current readings, signal strength, or other relevant data for your Internet connected project. The I2C Buzzer Mini Module can be used as an alarm for current overdraw, or in the case that current consumption drops to zero (if your light bulb burns out, for instance). Both the LED display and buzzer module connect directly to the current monitoring controller, making it easy to add additional sensors, relay controllers, FET drivers, and more to your Internet connected project.

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