littleBits Code kit

Construct interactive circuits, create the code, and transcend typical learning with hands-on realizations.


  • -Surpass mindless making and develop detailed directives for STEM success
  • -Combine classic circuit construction with drag-and-drop control through code
  • -Present authentic coding as a fun-first challenge to amplify student excitement
  • -Leverage the power of coding to augment activities in design and engineering
  • -Absorb more complex coding aspects and spur student readiness for what’s next
With an eye for innovation, the littleBits Code Kit guides students in Grades 3-8 as they explore coding fundamentals and helps them master the skills to break out and invent on their own! It uses fun as the fuel for igniting imagination as kids can craft the circuits and then create the code to get them functioning, adding an important element of interactivity to their education. Inside the kit, students will find comprehensive instructions for completing four different coding endeavors and devices they can control with the Code Kit app. To become the master coders of tomorrow, kids need to start experiencing the real thing. As they drag and drop code blocks and see the results jump from the screen to the real world, they’ll position themselves to take on anything with the prolific programming skills they will build!

MNF# 680-0010
Manufacturer littleBits
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The Code Kit is compatible with Windows, Macs, and Chromebooks, making it an easy-to-implement addition to just about any middle school classroom. The code, based on the Blockly language, makes it incredibly easy for students and teachers to distinguish the value of each block and know exactly where to place it in the sequence. Once children create that code, they’re able to transmit it wirelessly using a Bluetooth connection and control their inventions from their computer! The codeBit serves as the brain of students’ circuits as it’s able to read the programming cues from their device and execute each action as it’s received, controlling the functions of the other Bits in the process. Code in sounds, sights, and unbeatable STEM knowledge with this highly interactive and immersive excursion into fun-filled coding!


Kit Components:


  • -USB Power Bit
  • -Dimmer Bit
  • -Pressure Sensor Bit
  • -3 Wire Bits
  • -codeBit
  • -Servo Bit
  • -LED Matrix Bit
  • -2 Button Bits
  • -Slide Dimmer Bit
  • -Sound Trigger Bit
  • -Branch Bit
  • -Bargraph Bit
  • -Speaker Bit
  • -3 USB Power Adapters and Cables
  • -Rechargeable Battery
  • -Servo Mount
  • -codeBit Dongle
  • -2 Strips (Hook and Loop)
  • -4 Screws -3 powerSnaps
  • -Mechanical Arm
  • -Servo Hub
  • -12 Shoes (Hook and Loop)
  • -8x7 Mounting Board