Let's Start Coding Ultimate Kit

Extend coding competency past the basics and interactively learn the skills by writing your own lines.


  • -Master the components code can control through hands-on manipulation
  • -Deepen dexterity while telling compelling stories through self-created code
  • -Extend past coding theory and put the real-deal principles into practice
  • -Formulate fluency in the language of the 21st century using real typed code
  • -Tinker with authentic components while creating custom-coded solutions
The Ultimate Kit comes fully loaded with over 90 example programs designed to create the computer scientists of tomorrow out of the kids of today! Building off of basic coding knowledge, the Ultimate Kit boasts the benefit of being one of the only STEM kits that empowers kids to create typed code themselves. This real-world ready kit forgoes the intense focus on coding theory and gets middle and high school students started with putting their knowledge into practice. Each activity illustrated in the Ultimate Kit is designed to get students coding with purpose and developing the skills they truly need! With its in-depth coding guides, the Let’s Start Coding Ultimate Kit will have students taking sensor readings, making lights blink, controlling the sounds of a speaker, producing on-screen displays, and coding crazy patterns like a pro!

Manufacturer Let's Start Coding
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Everything students create with the Ultimate Kit can be used as a building block for something more complex. It’s secret to success lies in the real code examples included in the kit, which ignite intensified innovation among students eager to start coding. Let’s Start Coding has created hundreds of lines of sample code to help students learn the nuances of programming by taking things apart and putting them back together. Using real, typed code, students can manipulate lights, sounds, sensors, and more while exploring just what they can accomplish through coding. The Ultimate Kit works with Windows, Mac, and Chromebooks and all it takes is the installation of the free Let’s Start Coding web app for kids to start coding online!


Kit Components:


  • -Maker Board
  • -Carrier Board
  • -Sound Sensor
  • -Temperature Sensor
  • -Light Sensor
  • -Flexible Strip of LED Lights (15 lights per strip)
  • -Maker Screen LCD Screen
  • -2 Red-green-blue LED Lights
  • -4 Mini Pushbuttons
  • -Red LED Light
  • -Green LED Light
  • -Blue LED Light
  • -Mini Speaker
  • -Retractable USB Cable
  • -Carrying Case
  • -Component and Coding Cards