OnPoynt STEM RANGER Education Kit - Four Drone

The OnPoynt STEM RANGER Education Kit was created by the nation’s leader supplier of drone aerial robotics equipment and training for STEM Education. The STEM RANGER Education Kit is intended for educators to introduce drone technology into the classroom safely and effectively.


The Kit includes an aerial robot drone, assembly tools, build and operating instructions, safety equipment and classroom resources. Student teams can build and operate this aerial robot and experience a hands-on STEM challenge.

The STEM RANGER Education Kit offers a drone that is:

  • Re-Buildable 
  • Reliable and Durable to Use
  • Stable to Fly 
  • Enhanced with Safety Features and extra Equipment

Manufacturer OnPoynt Aerial Solutions
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  • Building Materials for 1 Drone 
    Note: Actual drone may be slightly different than the one pictured here due to advancements and upgrades.
  • 8 Batteries
  • 2 Charger
  • Assembly Tools
  • Box for Components
  • Instructions/Manuals
  • Safety Equipment
  • Classroom Resources
  • Parts storage bin

*Required but not included - Soldering Iron


Free 2-hour phone support consultations with OnPoynt drone technicians.