BoXZY Complete – Three-In-One 3D Printer, CNC Mill, and Laser Engraver

Transform common classrooms into end-to-end, maker-friendly workshops with an all-in-one invention extension.

  • Combine crafting, construction, and creativity to surge past expectations
  • Employ a fully integrated maker marvel to enrich experiential education
  • Unleash new levels of power and inventive brilliance in any makerspace
  • Bolster invention expertise through active projects with real-world tech
  • Launch a lucrative trip towards maker-fueled preparation with promise

Grades: 9+


The size of a standard classroom 3D Printer, BoXZY’s three-in-one beast unlocks innovation that most maker educators only dream about! This widely versatile and impressively compact makerspace must-have boasts three different functions that all lead to mind-blowing maker experiences. It's a 3D printer, CNC carving machine, and laser etching device all in one classroom-friendly contraption. Especially essential for teachers with limited space but unlimited learning goals, BoXZY helps transform traditional education into a hands-on, tactful taste of the power of technology. With authentic classroom uses, a super sleek design, and enough power to accomplish any makerspace dream, the BoXZY three-in-one is a top-notch tool for turning challenges into triumphs!

Manufacturer Kinetigear
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Using this incredible three-in-one device, students will be able to 3D print prototypes, mill their finished products, and customize all their creations thanks to its incredibly innovative functions. Each print and student-designed piece of art is guaranteed to be crisp and precise thanks to BoXZY’s photo-quality laser interface and motion-controlling ball screws -- the same technology used to control in-flight movement on 747’s! The three-in-one also boasts 6-micron resolution and 1.25 horsepower to sculpt pristine projects out of a number of different materials, including most metals, plastics, and even wood. It supports .STL and .OBJ files for 3D printing and .JPEG, .PNG, and .BMP files for laser cutting. With BoXZY, students and makers of all ages won’t need any other manufacturing devices - the three-in-one is equipped with the power, speed, and precision to do it all!


Kit Components:

  • Autodesk Fusion 360 Cloud-based 3D CAD Platform
  • BoXZY Interface
  • Rapid-swap 3D Printer Attachment
  • Rapid-swap CNC Mill Attachment
  • Rapid-swap Laser Engraver Attachment
  • Stainless Steel Power Station
  • Magnetic-swap Leveling Platform
  • Filament Drive
  • 2 C-clamps
  • Metric Allen Key Set
  • 1/4-inch Milling Bit
  • 2 Wrenches
  • Sacrificial Board
  • 2 Laser-safe Glasses
  • Starter Filament
  • USB Cord