Thames & Kosmos Happy Atoms Complete Set (50 atoms)

Illustrate the properties and interactions of active atoms while engaging students in a new staple of science.


  • -Maximize student understanding of basic compounds and chemistry
  • -Revamp scientific excitement and instantly ignite molecular mastery
  • -Introduce the incredible atmosphere of atom and electron interactions
  • -Integrate engineering and exploration while learning all about atoms
  • -Empower students to recognize molecular makeups using simple tools

Grades: 4-9


Typically, Chemistry has been reserved for high school students, but the Happy Atoms kit allows kids of all ages to see how atoms interact while they work to create their own molecules! Through tons of hands-on activities, students are guaranteed to grasp why some atoms combine with others and why some do not. The real-world experiences enabled by the Happy Atoms kit will get kids observing molecular characteristics, exciting electrons, and how they coexist. It includes 50 atoms, which represent 16 different elements and empower students to assemble their structures on their own! Using simple components to represent atoms, kids can connect them with magnets, take their picture using a device and the Happy Atoms app, and scan their molecules to learn even more about atoms and the science behind them. Perfect for collaborative classrooms, the Happy Atoms Kit also comes in smaller sizes to suit whatever educational needs teachers have!

MNF# 585001
Manufacturer Thames & Kosmos
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The authentic engagement made possible by the Happy Atoms kit comes directly from its digital side. Using an iOS or Android device and the Happy Atoms app, kids can explore the essence of atoms like never before! After building molecules with the components in the box based on their actual makeup, students can use state-of-the-art image recognition technology to take a photo on their device and identify the molecule they’ve built! The Happy Atoms app can recognize 10,000 different molecule makeups and presents students with essential information about each one they build. To enjoy the full benefits of the Happy Atoms kit, devices should be running iOS 8 (or later) or Android 4.4 (or later) with a dual-core processor and a camera.