HTC Vive Business Edition

Reimagine immersive education and transfix students through spellbinding interactions and experiences.


  • -Command STEM classrooms and levitate learning like never before
  • -Experience the surreal effects of immersion into an alternate world
  • -Prime kids for an innovation-fueled future by introducing them early
  • -Solidify real-world awareness that blends two intersecting dimensions
  • -Catalyze a connected future with natural navigation and pristine picture
Enrich experiential education in any subject at any grade level. The HTC Vive offers unmatched immersion to facilitate learning with unbelievable quality, wire-to-wire interaction, and unmatched authenticity. This bold venture into VR empowers students to explore the previously unreachable and immerse themselves into any world they desire. Users may walk around freely and experience stunning graphics that unlock realities that don’t even feel virtual! The Vive features form-fitting comfort as well and its adjustable headset allows any student to enjoy hours of extended exploration. If eye-popping experiences are what you’re after, HTC Vive delivers all that and more with its mesmerizing graphics, lifelike representation, and ability to transplant students to any corner of the universe in seconds. And, with dedicated support and service from Eduporium, we'll make sure the HTC Vive makes your STEM learning thrive!

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The HTC Vive adds its own spin on virtual reality with intuitive wireless controllers designed specifically for users to interact with virtual objects and receive high-definition, haptic feedback. Each of the Vive’s two handheld controllers contain 24 sensors for super accurate tracking and its twin base stations provide 360 degrees of precise motion tracking to boot! With Vive, you’ll get amazingly high-quality graphics, immersive room-scale technology, and a front-facing camera to capture it all. Plus, its 110-degree field of view allows for unparalleled visual immersion into any environment you can imagine. If that’s not enough, its 2160 x 1200 combined resolution is guaranteed to provide an in-depth educational experience like no other as students interact directly with lifelike content and discover the meaning of deeper learning!


Kit Components:


  • -Headset
  • -4 Face Cushions (2 Narrow, 2 Wide)
  • -2 Wireless Controllers
  • -2 Base Stations
  • -Link Box
  • -16-foot Headset Extension Kit
  • -Earbuds
  • -Cables
  • -Chargers
  • -Accessories
  • -Dedicated Eduporium Customer Support Line 8am-5pm, M-F
  • -12-month Limited Warranty