Eduporium, Inc. accepts returns, exchanges, or issues refunds for all eligible items that are purchased from our online store or sales representative. Our mission is to serve individuals and the educational community with the proper products, services, content, and tools in order to help them achieve the highest quality STEM and STEAM teaching and learning inside and outside the classroom. We are always willing to work with any customer that has a concern or grievance regarding a prior purchase. Our objective in working directly with our customers is to ensure they are fully satisfied with their entire purchasing experience when shopping with Eduporium, Inc. and have received the highest level of customer service in order to correct any issue that may arise. Please contact our Sales & Operations specialists by emailing us at or, or giving us a call at 1 (617) 600-7230 or toll free at 1 (877) 252-0001 to speak to one of our US-based representatives.


Return Policy for Online Customers:


You can return, exchange, and receive a refund for almost any product that meets the criteria listed below:

  - Return, refund, or exchange must be requested within 25 days from date of receiving shipment of products as determined by shipment provider delivery date

  - Factory Sealed items (Untouched product packaging with no damage, markings, stickers, etc.)

  - Defective or Dead on Arrival (DOA) Items

  - Incorrect item delivered (Must be in original packaging unopened)

  - Open Box items will only be eligible for return if the product is fully defective or damaged during shipping

  - We cannot accept open box items for any reason unless product is defective upon arrival, the incorrect item was delivered, or damaged at fault of Eduporium


Criteria & Terms of returns, exchange, and refund:

  - Customer must obtain a valid RMA number from an Eduporium, Inc. representative.

  - Items must be eligible for returns by OEM or Eduporium, Inc.

  - Eduporium will refund the full value or returned items in USD OR exchange for item(s) for equal or lesser value, and refund the difference in monetary value to the customer.

  - There could be a stocking fee of 15 USD or 10 % of the product price for specific items or rare circumstances.

  - Shipping cost for returns will be covered by the customer unless product is defective or Eduporium, Inc. is found to be at fault for damage.

  - There will be an open box charge for specific circumstances that apply; open product packaging and used products may not be eligible for refund or exchange unless unique circumstances apply. Cost depends on specific item(s) in consideration of return, exchange, or refund.

  - These rules apply for participating manufacturers, distributors, and products. Therefore, it may not apply to all products, manufacturers, distributors, or SKUs. Some products may include additional terms, costs, or proof of damage or defect.

  - Original shipping cost incurred by Eduporium, Inc. for delivery of products will be deducted from refund in specific and unique circumstances.

  - If product is fully defective or damaged beyond repair upon arrival, Eduporium, Inc. will cover all costs associated with return, exchange, or refund.

  - Appropriate proof of defect or damage is required in most return situations unless otherwise specified. Such proof will help ensure a timely return or exchange process.

  - These terms may not apply in all situations. Eduporium, Inc. has the right to dispute any claim that is suspected of fraud, misinformation, or illegal conduct.

  - Promises made by Eduporium, Inc. representatives at point of sale should be held above all else. These rules are subject to change or negotiation by Eduporium employees or representatives at any time.  


You may not return, exchange, or receive refund for:

  - Electronic Software Download (ESD) Purchases

  - Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Products

  - Special Order or Custom Order Items, unless otherwise specified

  - End-of-life Products or specific products which are no longer supported, accepted, or offered by OEM, distribution, or Eduporium, Inc.

  - Open box items that function correctly that you decide you do not want

  - Purchases that surpass the 25-day deadline, unless otherwise specified by a representative of Eduporium, Inc.


Please fill out the form below to request a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA).

You can also request a return by emailing us at or calling us at (617) 600-7230 or toll free at 1 (877) 252-0001. If you are returning a product within the guidelines of this policy, you will receive a full order refund minus the cost of shipping. If the return is a result of our error, we will be responsible for the return shipping cost. We recommend using major shipping services, such as USPS, UPS, or FedEx and obtaining a tracking number for your shipment.


Warranty Policy

Original manufacture warranties apply to all products purchased through Eduporium, Inc. except for extended warranty items, which may be purchased through Eduporium, Inc. directly or from OEM in certain circumstances for eligible and participating manufacturers or products.

Additionally, Eduporium, Inc. warranties purchased through us may apply for certain custom purchases, products, and bundles. Terms specified on contractual agreements, which will be specified during negotiation, purchase, or both will apply above all other terms stated.