Fischertechnik Drive Systems

How does a balloon drive or a bending rod drive work? What is the difference between a friction drive and a rubber-band drive? How can wind be used as a drive? This set provides a glimpse into how different types of drives work. The brawny off-road vehicle with functioning steering and suspension can also be combined perfectly with the Motor Set XM and Control Set for remote control ability. The instructional teaching and activity guide provides a great deal of interesting information on the principles behind the models.

Contains 280 components (including a friction motor) for building 8 different models:

Vehicle with Steering • Balloon Drive • Bending Rod Drive Wind Drive • Off-Road Truck • Buggy with Pullback Motor Rubber Band Motor • Trike with Pullback Motor

Can be combined with the fischertechnik Motor Set XM, Control Set, Sound + Lights, and Accu Set for added capabilities.

Requires a regular 9V battery (not included), or if you prefer, all models can also be powered with the fischertechnik Accu Set (sold separately). Comes packed in sturdy plastic  Gratnell’s storage box. 

MNF# 533028
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Recommended: 1 set per 2 students