BoXZY Carve – CNC Mill

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Quick Overview

Conquer the complexities of carving with the unbeatable precision, portability, and performance of this complete package.


  • -Enrich experiential education and streamline the start of STEM supremacy
  • -Anchor an all-in-one approach to DIY designed to inspire from wire to wire
  • -Propel purposeful inventing with powerful engineering upgrades for schools
  • -Impel inquiry-based exploration built on the need for future-facing designs
  • -Magnify maker magic and envelop educational efficiencies for the real world


BoXZY’s version of the invention-enabling CNC Mill features all your standard mill accessories and is ideal for inventors attempting to build their own tool heads. Engineered to optimize inventive efforts, the CNC Mill’s industrial strength empowers a new kind of education – one in which students roll up their sleeves and innovate with authority! They’re able to create intricate objects out of a slew of materials, including metals, plastics, woods, aluminum, brass, silver, bronze, and more. BoXZY Carve combines the power of CNC milling with easy-to-use, rapid-swap technology that empowers users to “smart carve” an unlimited amount of objects. This model features upgraded components that bolster better performance and improved accuracy, making the CNC Mill an extraordinary addition to an up-to-date classroom or innovation center!

BoXZY boasts interior and exterior power that’s superior to most comparable makerspace machines. Its optimized ball screws and motors, in particular, give it the ability to put out 6-micron resolution with a 0.00015 percent error at up to 40 pounds! It’s got rapid-swap capabilities too, creating a number of interesting opportunities for future expandability and can print with just about any filament, including ABS, PLA, PVA, and nylon. The CNC Mill also includes BoXZY’s magnetically interchangeable 3D printer bed with 3-point manual leveling and J-head printer nozzle that provides for pain-free replacements at a moment’s notice. BoXZY Carve employs Autodesk Fusion 360, a cloud-based CAD platform, that helps students expand on their additive manufacturing skills and simplify their first experiences with this kind of technology! Take all that and add in BoXZY’s full 3D G-Code rendering and you’ve got a dynamic desktop tool primed to push learning to new and never-before-seen levels!


Kit Components


  • -BoXZY Carve CNC Mill
  • -1 Year of Autodesk Fusion 360
  • -Standard Mill Accessories
  • -Rapid-swap Tool Heads
  • -E-stop Power Station
  • -Magnetic-swap Platform