FLASHFORGE New Creator Pro Dual Extrusion 3D Printer

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Quick Overview

Perfect the 3D printing experience with unmatched efficiency and create conditions to bolster education.


  • -Optimize in-class 3D printing projects with new dimensions of usability
  • -Unlock user-friendly upgrades and magnify maker education programs
  • -Empower all invention-minded students to experience digital fabrication
  • -Enlist a powerful platform to gain complete understanding of 3D printing
  • -Revolutionize STEM education with simple innovation that simply works


The newest member of FLASHFORGE’s innovative line of 3D printers, the Creator Pro, features enhanced design metrics and new enclosure to make it more suitable for classrooms and makerspaces. The Creator Pro prints with ABS filament and delivers a unique digital fabrication experience that’s more efficient than ever! With design features that eliminate flaws and maximize potential, this sturdy system serves as a stepping stone for students interested in additive manufacturing. And its sleek design promotes ingenuity in students and propels project-based printing forward, making the Creator Pro a hotbed for heavy invention! It’s heavy-duty, heat-resistant, and ready to transform learning in classrooms and makerspaces with simple software and results that speak for themselves!

build platform keeps prints perfectly level. You’re guaranteed steady and precise movement thanks to its heavy-duty z-axis guide and increased safety with its enclosing acrylic cover. With bright LED lights illuminating the build chamber and a fully integrated LCD screen, the Creator Pro helps ensure error-free printing from start to finish, too! Its ReplicatorG software is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux and yields prints with 0.1-0.3mm of thickness. Students can print from an SD card or over a USB connection using STL or goode input files, making this classroom machine a very versatile learning tool!


Kit Components


  • -FLASHFORGE Creator Pro
  • -2 Spool Holders
  • -2 Filament Spools
  • -2 Filament Guide Tubes
  • -Accessory Bag
  • -Nuts, Screws, and Hex Wrench Set
  • -Power Supply Cable
  • -USB Cable
  • -End Stop Switch Cable
  • -Acrylic Covers Kit
  • -4GB SD Card