New Matter MOD-t Entry Bundle

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Quick Overview

Burst into efficient, educational 3D printing with an early-learner model designed to ease students into innovation.


  • -Explore 3D basics with hassle-free setup and pressure-free printing
  • -Harness responsive reliability to spark some maker magic in schools
  • -Kickstart a completely customizable classroom of hands-on learning
  • -Bolster student confidence in inventing with prints full of high quality
  • -Propel real-world preparation and enrich engagement with excitement


MOD-t is the most advanced combination of simplicity, power, and affordability schools can find when it comes to 3D printing! The Entry Bundle makes diving into detailed design even easier as it includes some starter spools and print surface plates to help get students started. Each MOD-t 3D printer perfectly combines the essential elements of educational 3D printing by seamlessly supplying accessibility, affordability, ease of use, and eye-popping precision. Dubbed the “complete 3D printing experience,” the MOD-t is enormously powerful for its desktop size and completely safe for students who are just starting out. MOD-t is engineered specifically to exude unmatched simplicity, portability, and reliability, making it a bonafide go-to option for educators wanting to get started with tech-based innovation and manufacturing!

The MOD-t prints with eco-friendly PLA in a variety of vivid colors and its clear cover protects designs while they’re printing as well as keeps children safe. It’s even Wi-Fi-enabled, so students can select, customize, design, and print right from their computer or mobile device! Complete with its own online store, New Matter has made the MOD-t the ultimate user-friendly 3D printer. Here, kids can access hundreds of innovative 3D design ideas, download them, connect directly to their MOD-t, and start printing on the spot! Students can even upload their own designs in .STL or .OBJ files and bring them to life with a printer that’s easier to get running than any other. MOD-t supports both Mac OSX 10.7+ and Windows 7+ while supplying 75W of power to help personalize and promote the importance of 3D printing!


Kit Components


  • -MOD-t 3D Printer
  • -3 Spools of Filament
  • -3 Print Surface Plates