Digital Dream Labs - Puzzlets

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Quick Overview

Combine hands-on play and interactive gaming that encourages STEM development and innovative thinking.


  • -Unlock untapped creative and critical thinking skills earlier than ever
  • -Guide children to develop computational, logic and reasoning skills
  • -Enable interactive, educational play that engages the entire mind
  • -Trigger children’s natural desire to understand the world around them
  • -Introduce 21st century thoughts and ideas through real-world challenges


The easy-to-use, fun-to-play Puzzlets are here to give your kid a first foray into computational thinking and logical reasoning – without them even knowing that they’re learning! With a focus on 21st century skills, Puzzlets activates the whole brain by engaging kids with challenging puzzles they’ll have a blast solving. The three different Puzzlets apps (with one game currently available and two more in the works) are designed with future-focused learning in mind, allowing kids as young as 5 to learn at their own pace without even realizing they’re developing programming skills.

The Bluetooth-enabled, USB-compatible Play Tray is built easy to operate and readily accessible for young children. The Puzzlet tiles are all under an ounce in weight and about an inch square, making them effortless to handle and place correctly. The included educational game is engaging and subtle, designed to let children learn at the pace that’s best for them with technology that’s not too difficult to understand. Puzzlets’ rechargeable battery is built for seven hours of continuous gameplay before recharging, and can easily hold a charge for up to three months depending on usage. Device-wise, Puzzlets works great with iOS devices as its family of apps is designed to optimize the learning experience by incorporating a tablet screen.


Kit components


  • -Bluetooth Play Tray
  • -USB cable
  • -22 Programming Puzzlets
  • -Storage Pouch
  • -Quick Start Guide
  • -Micro USB Cable